The Silver State essay

Nevada, on of the most popular places in America, on which ranks as the 7th largest and biggest state in entire United States of America. Located in the western region of the country, Nevada is one of the wealthiest and the richest state in the entire United States. Geographically, the state of Nevada covers large desert and mountain terrain, on which 85% of the land area is owned by the United States federal government. Basing on the state history, the economic stability of the entire Nevada state had started after the discovery of large silver deposit in its terrain, which is root of its nick name as “The Silver State” of the country.

Nevertheless, the entire state of Nevada had become popular through the early economic benefits of silver mines in its mountains, which shapes the state’s economic stability for the longest time. (Info Please) As of the 2006 national statistics record of the United States, there are already 2,495,529 people residing in the silver state, where most of the large number of population resides in two major and biggest cities of the state, Las Vegas and Reno. Statistically, the numbers of Nevada’s population shows a consistent growth from the early 20th century up to the 2006 national census record.

The state’s population, on the other hand, rapidly increases by 3. 5% or exactly 92,909 to a massive growth by another 20. 8% or 516,550 from the year 2000. With this, it is fact that population is one of the major state issue, which Nevada legislators must properly address. (U. S. Census Bureau) State economic condition, on the other hand, fairly continuous to grow, which the state had been receiving, increases on its revenue. As of the 2006 Department of Taxation report, Nevada had received additional $641 million in sales tax revenue for state government, coming from taxable products sold in the state.

Although, affected by the latest recession in the entire United States nation, Nevada and its key cities continuous to recover from this economic phenomena. In the verge economic recession, Nevada continuous to rely on their ever dependable major economic engines that are tourism, entertainment, casino and cattle industries, on which serves as the survival state power. (Las Vegas Review – Journal) With all of these facts and figures, I argue that Nevada’s state legislators or lawmakers should meet more often to ensure the state’s social and economic condition.

As one of the fastest growing state in the United States, Nevada’s local legislators must meet more often to properly address major issue and concerns of its people and the entire community. As the second fastest growing state in the entire United States of America, Nevada’s legislators must have more schedules of caucus to discuss continuous state actions in able to maintain its current position and pace, towards the social and economical growth. Essentially, legislator’s consistent meeting will definitely help improve the state’s current status and address properly the needs of its people as well as its entire society.

Although, considered as one of the fastest growing state in the United States, where its social and economical growth have been amazingly rapid, there are still major state issues that is badly in-need of proper management of the local legislators or law makers of the state. As considered the most powerful people in the state, I argue that Nevada legislators must meet more often to accordingly handle state’s issues, which threatens the development and improvement of the entire “Silver State”.

On the verge of economic recession in the United States, Nevada, on the other hand, is as well threatened by different social and economical issues, cause by the continuous effect of state growth. Aside from the positive effect of Nevada’s state growth, there are also negative indications for this. Since the early 20th century, Nevada and its major cities had been experiencing major increased in its population, cause by internal migration of the people from other states in nation, on which the population of the entire state had reached the 2.

5million margin as of the latest count of the U. S. Census Bureau. With these facts, I argue that Nevada legislators must meet more often and formulate the needed government actions to address the social needs and possible dilemma, which overpopulation can cause to the entire Nevada. Given the fact about the increased of population, Nevada Legislators must meet more often to protect the state from the impending social effect of overpopulation. Moreover, I argue that Nevada Legislator must meet more often and discus the issue of water shortage in its state.

Water shortage, on the other hand, is another dilemma of Nevadans and its state legislators. Due to the fact that Nevada had increased its population by 83% percent from 1990 up to the early 20th century, the state is on the verge of water shortage, where Nevada and its key cities are having problems of water supply in their faucets. In addition to this, the continuous development of in fracture in the state, which large hotels and resorts are built over the desert city of Las Vegas, makes the water shortage more serious, where this huge establishment is as well in need of reliable water supply.

Nonetheless, Nevada legislator must meet more often to prevent further deterioration of this water shortage issue. (Above Top Secret) In the end, it is fair enough to say that Nevada legislators or law makers must actively meet more often to properly address and handle various social and economical issues or dilemma of the entire state. After all, these meetings can be beneficial for sustainable development of the state and will compliment the current position of Nevada as the second fastest growing state in the entire United States.

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