The rise or decline of a Black FBI agent essay

Therise or decline of a Black FBI agent

Therise or decline of a Black FBI agent

Inthe book, Eyesto my soul: ,Tyrone explores different components that characterized his field anddesk experience as an FBI agent. Most importantly, he tried toexplain the different forms of police brutality and acts of racismthat were committed by white policemen towards people of theAfrican-American origin (Powers, 1996). They also represent someother social problems that blacks pass through such as being exposedto drugs and general violence that comes with the polarity of theirneighborhoods.

Amongsome of the ills that were committed by police officers, was thekilling of a black motorist. This ordeal meant that they denied theperson one of the most fundamental rights that an individual issupposed to have the right to life. Another issue that arose iswhere some white policemen were accused of replacing the face of achild of an agent on a photo with that of an ape. This issue goes onto show the extent to which the cases of racism have reached in thatsome officers lack the basic respect towards their colleagues withwhom they work on a daily basis (Walker, &amp Katz, 2012).

Theissues raised by Tyrone relates to my experience in a major way. Thearea that I live in has many people who belong to theAfrican-American origin, and I have observed the different problemsthat they go through from time to time. Most of them are linked withcriminal practices such as burglary and belonging to gangs. While theacts that some of the people engage in are in complete contrast withthe societal expectations, the level of police brutality that theyend up being subjected to is extreme.


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