The Righteous of God Part one essay

TheRighteous of God


God’srighteous virtue is very critical and therefore, through divineunderstanding anyone who is selected upon to deliver His word mustalways live unto it. God’s chosen messengers in many occasionsneither come from the royal nor the highly respected person in thesociety. In the Scripture, God’s word has been disseminated by thehumbled and the low respected and in the same He came through thehumbled Jesus Christ as God the Son from a very humble family andeven later rode on a donkey. The Almighty is very specific on Hismessage and delivery purposes.

TheBible is specific through Paul, and it insists on the listen to themessage, understand it and respond to the God’s will without reallyquestioning the vessels used. The scripture encourages on the do whatI say but not what I do. The message from God remains unchanged butdue to human nature of weakness and worldly pleasures then manymessengers may be tempted to derail from the required God’sexpectation.

Manycommunities during this time only expected the religious leaders tocome from one fraternity, and that was the males. Also, the scripturewas thought to be understood by the Jews and therefore, expected toserve as the deliverers of the Gospel. Paul stands up to enlightenthe society that being righteous before Thee does not rely on whodelivers the information male or female, who receives the message,which is slaves or masters nor Jewish or Gentiles. Before therighteous God, therefore, every human is equal and despite the raceor earthly power nor tribe. Everyone has a chance to become God’sson through the acquaintance of Faith, which is through the trust andbelieves in Christ. Receiving of God’s favor is through Faithsought from baptism which reinstates every individual`s trust andlove for God. All those who turn away from sinning thus becomesrighteous in God and are identified as the heirs of the father offaith, Abraham.

Paulinsists that there stands nothing good as being righteous before God.In Roman 1:8-13, Paul say that he is a debtor to both the Greeks andthe Barbarians, but he is not shaken by this as much as he lives bythe faith in God. As the messengers, he states that he could not getthe chance to visit Rome a deliver God’s message but, now that achance has presented itself he asks the people to stand out andproclaim the faith of the Almighty God. Paul is not afraid and standsout to claim that God is the sender and the witness to what he hasbeen sending to preach to the Romans.


Duringthe visit of the apostle to Rome, he defends God’s righteousnesswhen proclaims he stand before the debtors to proclaim the word ofGod and whoever lives in Faith is, therefore, is justified to liveamong his enemies and stand against both the wise and unwise insociety. Paul, therefore, is prompted to write against theimmoralities by the people if Rome. He Argues out that anyone who hasfaith in God cannot have a corrupted mind to sin. He preaches againstthose who know God but do not praise Him and all the other people whoparticipate in sexual immoralities such Homosexuality, lesbianism,covetousness, and unrighteousness. He pronounces that all theunrighteous practices against God are punishable by death.

Thisverse is very convincing since it displays what Christian in thetoday world have turned to with a lot of immoral activities suchsexual immoralities as adultery, fornication, and prostitution.Corruption is at its worst levels in the current world. Ignorance ofthe Gospel is the main challenge as people seek superiority in faithmatter with inter-religion fights. This verse compels to us againstthe persistence in sins and encourages repentance and baptism throughwhich we can reinstate our Faith in God and be righteous before Him.


In1 Corinthians 26:30-31 Paul is out there in the land of theCorinthians to preach about the righteous of God which is presentedto them through the death of Christ to whom all are baptized. Heasked them to proclaim the righteous deed that please God since heonly delivers the information and that no one who accepts God willleave a slave in sin but will be baptized and become redeemed beforeThee. In this context, he calls upon all people to glorify in theLord without any consideration of whether they are Jews or Gentilesor enslaved nor free and with disregard of their gender since whoeverpraises the Lord in Faith are all his children.

Paulin a letter to the Galatians he asked them to follow the Gospel ofhim, he never received from the man nor the Jews nor the Gentileneither did he receive it from the free nor those in slavery. Hisdivine relation and gospel understanding was proclaimed to by Godthrough his faith in God and was delivered to the world throughChrist’s suffering, death and resurrection from the dead. Paulstands out to claim that he does not say anything of his own rathercommunicates the message of the Almighty.

Aletter to the Ephesus insists that the glory we have in God throughour faithful deeds and trust in Christ gives us a chance to beapostles of Christ. In this way, we are promised of redemption andenjoyable pleasures from the Almighty. In the document, written byDon Garlington, explains the importance of Paul in today’sChristianity and faith. Paul’s message is depicted as God based andis only used to communicate to the people.


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