The Red Dress Story essay

TheRed Dress Story

TheRed Dressis typically a narrative about a certain girl’s first dance in highschool. However, the home and the school environment play a big rolein determining the attitude that she is supposed to display duringthat first experience. According to the story, the girl had aparticularly bad experience at her home and her mother constantlydisheartened her and even went further to reprimand her at thepresence of her best friend known as Lonnie. In addition, the authorbrings into light the negative and worst experience that thisparticular character went through in her school environment.

Accordingto the story, the girl was never confident and was always unsure ofherself whenever she was required to approach the blackboard. He selfesteem was so low that she was constantly afraid of having herperiods in front of her classmates. However at the dance floor shegot to explore her own attitude when she met Mary Fortune whoaccorded her the attention that she so lacked in her life. She hadher first smoke and a company that she never had before. She was thered girl with the red dress who got to enjoy at the high school dancejust this once in her entire life. This particular dance made her tolearn about herself, her mother, and other people and about whathappiness means.

Thestory of the girl with the dress brings into light the theme of selfesteem. The main character of this story is so unsure of own self,that she seems embarrassed by her own mother. There is nothing thatseems good enough in her life and she felt that she was probablydestined to be alone. In addition, the author has introduced thetheme of innocence whereby the girl with the red dress accepts thecigarette that she was offered by fortune. This is despite the factthat she had not smoked in her entire life.