The Orthodox Jews’

Judaism was extracted to two: the orthodox and the Reform Judaism. In terms of the content of belief and their fundamental identity, the Orthodox Jews are the traditional variety who take the Scriptures literally and the rabbinic tradition very seriously. They are very strict and exacting in the observance of the Torah as interpreted in the Talmud and later became the Jewish scholars.

While the other variety of Jews were the Reform Jews who consider the Torah a holy document that is rooted in their past and is the God-inspired attempt by the Hebrews, Israelites and Jews to understand their surrounding environment and their relationship with God. The Orthodox Jews’ approach of understanding upon the Torah is that it comes directly from God and that its substance is unchangeable. The only role of man regarding that document is to understand the content.

The ancient times regarded the right to “understand the Scriptures to the rabbis who were the descendants of the Pharisees who probably began the teaching during the Babylonian Exile. While the Reform Jews’ approach to the Torah remained a historical doctrine of the characterization of the religion. It is the evolution established by the Jews in that they come to the understanding of the non-Jews. In addition to that, Jews were already found in so many different places thereby implying that Jewish customaries and traditions were even modified by, basically, the surrounding social external factors.

Every development or variation that the Jews made happen, they also developed varying their understanding in the regards of the culture. The autonomy is expecting them to impose a belief in the regarding their own belief. Both of the religious orders of Christianity were very closely attached to God and his calling to them. The expectations posted to the propensity that they should be entering about, in spite of the system of belief they had, were not imposed given that the implication of their belief was a comprehensive and specific understanding of God.

Historically speaking, in the 19th century, the Reform Jews established their movement with the Jewish heads and intellectuals as for complying with the need to deliver revised old beliefs no longer tenable so as to conform to the modernity as one of its main reasons for building their movement thereby modernizing the religion, Judaism. Their establishment began in Germany and most of the members of the congregation believe that the Judaism they are building is a historical predecessor of the American movement being the largest stream of Judaism.

Their major identity constitutes the transformation of belief upon the Bible as the infallible Word of God to a mere record of Israel’s consecration to God. They established to move the Sabbath to a Sunday and conducted Sabbath services so as to preserve the Jewish acculturation. During the period of reform, Jews suffered harshly on the hands of the institutions specifically in Hungary by 1830’s to 1840’s. Their concerns were being argued by the “society”.

it cost them such suppressions and depreciated rights until the Jews were in real trouble being restricted in many communities and deprived of many privileges. Until the Jews became authorized legally in 1859-1860 giving them some necessary rights, then came when all the restrictions were totally abolished. It was 1880’s when an anti-Jewish propaganda held intensified disturbance to the Jews, then aroused anti-Semitism. Harshest of all was when the Jews were trapped in the destruction of the World War I. About ten thousand Jews fell and died on the battlefield. Many Jews suffered losses of life and property.