The Orthodox branch essay

The creation of various units of faiths has become the most significant attribute of the human population. This ability to be rational thinkers according to their philosophy in life separates them from other organic beings. Faith enables them to directly integrate themselves into what they believe according to their own understanding of the surroundings. The Orthodox branch of the Jewish faith can be identified by knowing the particular strict application of the law of the Talmudic texts (Wikipedia, 2007).

Its believers regard the Torah as the most divine aspect of the belief which governs all kinds of philosophical understanding. In another condition, there is the notion of acceptance that God provided an exclusive covenant with the descendants of Israel as governed by the Torah. In the natural physical belief, Judaism also involves the relative affirmation of the Jewish eschatology, a rebuilt of the temple of the belief, a messiah and even the resurrection of the dead (Wikipedia, 2007).

Previously, I perceived the Jews to be the natural believers of the concept that Israelites were the highly regarded population which God has an endearment with. In this aspect, the notion of making them “The Chosen People of God” fits the description. In a natural perspective of interpretation, this means that the Jews were chosen to basically spread the true word of God to the whole world population. It does not merely imply that the Jews are really so special rather, they are chosen to have the highest degree of responsibility to effectively inform other nations of the true essence of believing in God.