The next President of the U.S essay

Thenext President of the U.S

Votingis one of the important aspects to the citizens of any country as itoffers them a chance to democratically elect their government. It isunfortunate that most people do not actively participate in such animportant process. People need to be well educated and wise to ensurethat only the right candidates are elected to office. Consciousparticipation of people in the voting process requires citizens toknow the importance of balloting.

The2016 presidential election of the United States will be held on the8th of November. Currently, candidates are on the campaign trailseeking to win their respective party nominations. My choice for thenext President of the U.S is Hillary Rodham Clinton, who iscampaigning to be the flag bearer of the Democratic Party. One of thereasons why I will vote for Hillary Clinton is because of her standon campaign finance reform in which she proposes the need to curb theinfluence of the wealthy and well-connected on American politics(Gierzynski etal.337). There is the need to reform the financial sector of ourpolitical campaigns and end the domination of wealthy interests onour political system. She proposes to push for legislations that willrequire openness and accountability with regards to politicalfinances. Additionally, she intends to push for an amendment tore-establish the importance of everyday voters in elections. Thiswill be done through reversing the gains made by the Citizens Unitedruling.

Hillary’seducational vision justifies the reason why I should support hercandidature. She desires to see a country where education is notonly available but also affordable to all. Her plan is to ensure thatno student borrows money to cater for tuition, books or fees. Sheplans to formulate mechanisms through which student loans can berepaid at current rates. Additionally, costs and affordability ofeducation will be the sole responsibility of colleges anduniversities.

Herposition on the issue of campus sexual assault is timely andappropriate. It is time as a nation that we end sexual assaultswithin our universities and colleges. Mere condemnation is not asufficient solution. Hillary plans to ensure there is adequatesupport to survivors in addition to advocating for a fair process forthe suspected perpetrators. To sum this up, she will incorporate aneducational program that will prevent sexual violence. Learninginstitutions should provide a safe environment where learners canachieve their desired goal and prosper in their respective careerpaths.

Thenext issue of importance is gun violence. Currently, America is facedwith rising incidents of gun violence. A lot of innocent lives havebeen lost as a result of improper use of guns. It is important wereview the policies that concern gun ownership. Hillary has outlineda plan that will bring gun violence under control. One of these is tostrengthen background checks on potential gun holders. This will bedone in addition to reviewing the current system to eliminateloopholes that might erode screening process (Adams). Manufacturersand dealers will also be held accountable for non-compliance. Theplan focuses on restricting gun ownership among non-fit persons suchas mentally ill, domestic abusers and terrorists.

Theother issue regards the Affordable Care Act, which gives consumersthe control over their health care. One of the fundamental humanrights is to gain access to an affordable health care. She has statedthe need to uphold this act and drastically reduce out-of-pocketcosts. Through her leadership, drug companies will be heldaccountable for the rising costs of prescription drugs. This willfacilitate more research instead of contributing towards highercosts. The access to reproductive health care for women will also beprotected.

Thereis a need to improve and support the public schools so as toguarantee access to quality education for our children. Teachers areinstrumental when it comes to offering quality education (Adams). Herambitious plan targets to provide training and mentorship programsthat will guide teachers to enhance their teaching skills. Studentswith disabilities won’t be left behind as they will be providedwith the much-needed resources and support to facilitate smoothlearning.

Wecannot talk about electoral pledges without a focus on the economy.Americans are looking for a president who will raise their incomes.Under her leadership, tax relief will be offered to working familiesto deal with rising costs. The growth and strength of the economywill be aided by the creation of quality paying jobs as a result ofinvestments in different sectors.

Allthe above are just a few of the many reasons why Hillary Clinton ismy choice for the next president of the United States of America.There is no doubt about her capabilities to deliver as it is evidentfrom her previous engagements while in serving the country indifferent capacities.


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