The Next Five Years essay

This assignment on The Next Five Years is an academic requirement for a postgraduate diploma in Strategic Business IT on the Next Five Years. The assignment is in the nature of four specific and discrete tasks into different modes of enquiry, an investigation of a specific organizations’ IS considering various socio-political factors, the potential negative impact of consequences on IS strategic design and planning, and a discussion on likely changes in Information Technology over the next five years.

Five modes of enquiry, Inductive/Consensual, Analytic/Deductive, Multiple Realities, Dialectic and the Unbounded Systems Thinking or Multiple Perspectives method have been examined for the purpose of this exercise. Furthermore, the search engine Google was investigated vis a vis the formulation of its’ IS strategy, using the UST or Multiple Perspectives mode of enquiry as a base.

A design of any system should necessarily examine the impact of negative consequences on its’ IS strategy for the proper quantification and management of risk. The last task involves a look into the future and a scan of new products and technologies using currently available literature. The tasks have been taken up sequentially and tabulated in detail in the contents page.