The Newspaper and Magazines essay

The media presents the public or mass with an avenue of exposure to existing information. The media uses different forms which might be written, oral, visual or even audio. The written forms include the newspaper and magazines. The audio visual systems incorporate Internet and Television. There are several merits and demerits that each of these mentioned communication forms have over each other. The information contained in these sources has certain degrees of credibility.

The Newspaper and Magazines These written form presents information that is presented at and addressed within a given time frame. Therefore there is a possibility that information contained within it is precise as to the time one is reading it. The Newspaper depending on the managerial ambitions may also lean towards a given level of reporting; for example choosing to favor an existing establishment or political figure.

In spite of the presence of editorial teams; it is possible for erroneous print to occur in the form of wrong photograph posted alongside a name or even a living person’s photo in the obituary, Human error. Depending on ones sponsors, the wrong information may be placed in the media with a view of distorting a public view; i. e. error in reporting that one has quit an electoral race. Or a magazine narration on a wonder drug for rapid and guaranteed weight loss. Television Programs

The influence depends on the motivation behind script writing and presentation of program. The sponsors might influence the product that the audience sees. Partiality levels; depends on how much of the information can be relaxed with free will, without favor to some individuals. Television News Reporting and Internet What is being communicated might be classified, or erroneously received from the party involved. Prevailing social political or even economic circumstances where the media might be muzzled or censored, for example to avoid panic in the stock market.

Advertising The sponsors of the advertisement might want only the best to be said of their products and not an inking of its bad side i. e. the small letters in cigarettes warning of harmful effects of smocking. The age of audience might matter; adverts may claim to work magic for kids, but for the same product fail to use some strategy to address adults. Conclusion Time, affects the claim made by specific forms since knowledge has great value depending on the time of relay: Especially if information being relayed is dynamic.

The internet though widespread, has the challenge of being hacked; this can affect the quality of what is delivered. These forms of communication argument each other, defraying the attendant disadvantage.


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