The News Media and Public Policy essay

TheNews Media and Public Policy

TheNews Media and Public Policy

Citizensas Unofficial Actors

Citizens are regarded as the unofficial actors when it comes to theissue of public policymaking. Sentiments presented the argumentinclude the low turnout witnessed during elections, limited knowledgeon issues that affect the society and low levels of motivation tochampion for change on matters of public importance (Birkland, 2014).Citizens have not been given an opportunity to efficiently championfor what is beneficial to the society. Decisions are made at higherlevels of government preventing citizens from participating inpolicymaking.

Policymaking is a process that should entail the incorporation ofideas presented by the citizens since they are directly affected bythe same (Woodford, &amp Preston, 2013). Concluding that they areunofficial actors when it comes to public policymaking may not betrue. Leaders hold different positions of power because of thedecision made by citizens to turn up in numbers to elect them intooffice. It would not be logical to conclude that they do not exercisetheir right to champion for change.

Citizens are enlightened on issues of public interest. An exampleincludes the subject of gun control laws. Many citizens have openlysuggested the need to have stringent laws to deal with increasedcases of gun violence witnessed in the society. The decision by manycitizens to come out in large numbers to address the issue emanatesfrom the fact that they are enlightened. Citizens are aware of theobligation elected officials have towards them in transforming theirlivelihoods. Further, citizens are motivated in agitating for changein the manner in which public affairs are conducted.


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