The Nature of Truth essay



TheNature of Truth

One idea that I believe is true is the notion that colonialism as a historical event although criticized by many, brought about positive implications on the colonized societies.

In defense of my idea, I will give an insight into the significant benefits that were derived from colonialism and how they changed the lives of those colonized. It would be wise to defend my idea by comparing the livelihoods of the colonies now in retrospect to the lives of inhabitants back then.

A number of arguments and evidence can prove the validity of my idea. Foremost, colonialism brought about educational opportunities to primitive societies. Chavan, (2014) discloses that colonial governance operated with the Foucault thesis of Knowledge/ Power which propagates the constriction of other people’s knowledge. Colonialism therefore entailed the ‘export’ of the Western approach of education which would prepare a small group of people for economic, social and political roles.

My idea is further backed by the fact that development of infrastructure increased. Services such as telecommunication, building of roads and electricity were brought by colonialism. For instance Ofa, (2011) highlights that most telecommunication infrastructure in developing nations were mainly developed by colonialists.

Colonial influx is credited with religious worship. A structured form of worship is generally acceptable today. Subscription to different faiths is the norm with Christianity and Islam playing a wider role in society (Redden, 2015).

Colonialism opened up the floodgates for trade between the colonial masters and other powers. This greatly benefitted the colonies directly or indirectly. This in turn brought about the issue of democracy. Previously disenfranchised societies are now able to pick their leaders by voting for popular candidates. It is safe to say therefore that colonialism is a positive ray on an otherwise dark environment (Erikson, 2015).

If I was unable to defend my idea, I would still believe it’s true based on the fact that colonization has played a major role in civilization. If it were not for the invasion of colonialists in foreign lands, most societies would still be primitive.


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