The National Flight Academy essay

TheNational Flight Academy

TheNational Flight Academy

Myname is Collin, and I am 15 years of age. This coming fall I will bea sophomore at Coronado High School in Henderson, Nevada. During myfirst year of study, I enjoyed playing both tennis and volleyball asmy co-curricular activities. Additionally, I have also played golfwith the First Tee of Nevada in the kids’ golf team. Currently, Iam engaged in a part-time job at Dairy Queen.

Oneof my ambitions has been to work in the airline industry and theopportunity to join the National Flight Academy for the six-dayprogram brings closer the realization of my dreams. I have been ableto gather my courage and focus on my career aspirations through theinspirations I receive from my parents. While in school, I haveparticipated in different leadership camps as wells as co-curricularactivities. My family has offered me immense support towardsachieving my dreams of being employed in the airline industry. I ampassionate about working in the aviation industry and one daybecoming a pilot.

Mymain wish to join the National Flight Academy emanates from thedesire to improve my critical thinking capabilities in the fields ofMathematics and Science (Mcknight, 2016). There is an increasedsupport focusing on improved student achievements in the fields ofScience, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Research in Americahas shown a decline in skills emanating from these educational areasas compared to other industrialized nations. The twenty-first centuryis a period where there is intense reliance on technology fordevelopment. The methods used for teaching incorporate skills thatare essential for the workforce in the 21st century. Some of theseinclude team building techniques, problem-solving capabilities, andcritical thinking skills. This shows the need to develop our skillswith regards to STEM concepts.

Theability to engage in hands-on learning approaches while at the NFAwill significantly develop my competencies in the STEM fields.Additionally, I am also inspired by the holistic approaches adoptedby the NFA aimed at motivating students to pursue their interests.The approaches are also engaging hence students are offered achallenging and exciting platform through which they can pursue theSTEM curriculum.

Iconsider the opportunity to participate in the six-day program as achance for a lifetime. This is due to the incorporation of simulationtechnologies and multisensory media creating an intensive navalaviator experience that cannot be compared to any other in the world. The desire to learn and pursue STEM concepts is therefore derivedfrom such an immersive environment combined with some of theinnovative instruction techniques. These play a critical role towardsthe development of future careers in the fields of sciences. I amalso eager to participate in the Ambition Experimental Pilots programwhich uses Science and Mathematical concepts to sort out dailyissues.

Thecurriculum used at the NFA is comprehensively focusing on differentfields not only academics. Some of the areas that caught my attentioninclude aviation physiology, aerodynamics, navigation, andpropulsion. The NFA also offers an immersive gaming environment thatprovides the opportunity to engage in very exciting missions. Allmissions have been well formulated to align with the primarystandards for Math and Science. It is notable that the curriculum hasbeen formulated to focus on some of the fundamental competencies withmore emphasis on the effective communication, development ofleadership skills, cooperative learning and the art of publicspeaking.

Iwill be so glad if I am given the opportunity to attend the NationalFlight Academy as it would contribute towards improving my criticalthinking capabilities and prepare me for my future career path.


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