The Interview story essay

The story “The Interview” revolves around a character that has absolutely no confidence, no ambition and no personality. He is a complete loser who has been utterly spoiled by his mother and is now so used to being treated specially that he is unable to take on any responsibility and is totally comfortable with living and eating out of his brother’s money. The character has some very bad personality traits. He has never been committed to his wife and has made no effort to make her happy or even treat her nicely.

On the other hand, he is physically attracted to his sister-in-law and does not even think it’s wrong to have impure thoughts about his own brother’s wife. “Then I thought about my sister-in-law and I thought that if I were kind to her, she would continue to be kind to me. I became quite excited when I thought of being kind to her. I would know then how her big breasts felt under the blouse, how warm they were and how soft.

And I would know about the inside of her mouth with the big strong teeth…. “ He is extremely irresponsible and is only concerned about his own comfort. As long as he gets his meals prepared the way he wants them, as long as he can go to the cinema and waste his time and money, as long as he gets special treatment from his mother initially and now his sister-in-law and as long as he does not have to make any effort to earn a single penny, he is at ease.

“I think they realize that I am a very sensitive persona and that therefore I must be treated very gently. My mother has always treated me very gently. I am her youngest child….. Right from the time when I was a tiny baby, she understood that I needed greater care and tenderness than other children. ” As soon as there is pressure on him to get a job or to make his wife and children happy, he panics and runs away. I find the character to be despicable.

He has no morals, no sense of responsibility and no ethics. He also appears to be quite effeminate. I find the entire story boring and depressing and feel the main character’s is extremely unattractive. Some questions for other students to think about are: 1. Why doesn’t this man’s wife just leave him? 2. Why doesn’t this man’s brother take some action and make him realize his responsibility? 3. How come so many women find this man attractive event though he has no personality and no career?