The History of the Modern Greece essay


TheHistory of the Modern Greece

TheHistory of the Modern Greece

Greeceis one of the countries having a very rich history as well ashomeland to notable personalities throughout the centuries. One ofthe areas where this aspect is evident is through the country’shistory, ranging from the stone and bronze age to the current times.From excavation it is clear that, first settlement in ancient Greecedates back from 11,000-3,000BC (Palaeolithic era). This was followed by stone and bronzecivilization which took place during the second millennium BC.Mycenaeans and the Cycladic are also other notable forms ofcivilization which defines the current Greece. The civilization wasthen followed by the Classical Period, where Athens became navalpower of the ancient Greece as well as developed notable domains ofculture including music and philosophy among others.

From168 BC onwards, Greece was conquered by the Romans, making it animportant part of the country’s history. This is due to the factthat that, the ancient Greece was turned into Roman Greece, thusbecoming a notable battle field as well as leading to the rise ofother cities. In 1453 BC, Greece was conquered by the Ottoman Turks,a duration which was also marked by numerous fights, seizers andmassacres, finally resulting to the country’s independent in 1829.The initial states of Greece included the Cyclades Island, Sterea andPeloponnese. In the early 20thcentury states such as the EasternAegean Islands,Crete and Macedonia were also included, and this was after the FirstWorld War.

Duringthe 21stcentury, the history of Greece has also been shaped by various issuesincluding the 2007-08 financial crisis, where the country wassignificantly affected. Currently, Greece hosts thousands ofrefugees from Syria among other notable Middle East countries, afactor which continuously shapes its history going forward.

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