The history of the human civilization essay

In the history of the human civilization, numerous events have drastically changed the flow and nature of the society bridging forth differences and conflicts in the relationship and structure of the people. Among these numerous events, the First World War has been noted to have caused a significant change in the historical pages of the human development. The conflicts and political divisions among the society in the vast continent of Europe have resulted to a destructive war that altered the relationship and social structure of the people in this continent.

The First World War has been noted as a significant war that changed the European world as noted by Sir Edward Grey himself. Grey compared the event of the First Great War as the act of putting out forever the light of the European society. Indeed, the aftermath of the war has permanently changed the political institutions, ruling classes, economic affairs and social life among the European societies. The First World War has drastically changed the European society affecting all of the social institution, organization and political system in the said land.

On the social ground and humanitarian ground, the war has brought end to countless lives on both the civilian and military sector with its numerous battles, sieges, and even genocides. This is further worsened due to the outbreak of certain health problems and diseases taking also toll on the population. Regarding the political relationship between each society, many peace treaties have been formalized to control the political and military power of both factions involved in the war.

However, the views and relationship between each party have been permanently ruptured making political trust and trade relationship even tighter and stricter. Political boundaries and territories have also been strengthened to protect the interest and condition of each society and faction. In addition, new political identities have been born after the war due to the separation and independence of certain countries. Postwar colonization has also resulted to many conflicts, which further divides the European society. As a whole, the European population has experienced social trauma from where their development has greatly suffered.

In general, the First Great War has brought complications and division in the European society that have permanently and significantly changed the said continent from its previous image.


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