The Gospel According to Mark essay

The Gospel of Mark narrates of John the Baptist who forecast the coming of Jesus and He is recognized as the son the Holy Spirit. Now Jesus went to Galilee in Israel. During this travel Simon, Andrew, James and John become his followers. Jesus displays his authority by cleansing a leper, heals a paralytic, Simon’s sick mother-in-law and a man with a withered hand. Mark says that “even wind and sea obey him. ” He calms a storm, relieved a man harassed by devil, and awakened a dead young girl.

Through a miracle, Jesus divides five pieces of bread and two fish and feed all 5,000 people. So the miracle stories are expanding longer and more amplified, enhancing the power of Jesus authority. The Pharisees who are upset at Jesus giving up of the ritual Jewish laws, question Jesus. He focused to follow the spirit of the law rather than following the technical actions that the laws reject. Jesus travels Palestine and Jerusalem. Now he shifts his force to advocating rather than working miracles.

He advocates against divorce and remarriage, loving one’s neighbor is the greatest commandment. He declared that young children, in their purity, are example for righteous manners whereas the rich will become painful during the entry to the kingdom of god. He is hated by the priests but not by common peoples. Ultimately the priests arrest Jesus for to present him to the court of the high priest. There Jesus openly claims that he is the Messiah, the son of the Blessed one,” and the Jew’s take him to the Roman governor, who agrees to punish him by crucify him.