The Genesis of Information Age essay

The development of the “information age” can be considered as the highlight of the modern society. This can be attributed to the fact that the different technologies that were developed in the modern era are related to the improvement of the information storage and exchange process. The 20th century marked the onset of the information revolution especially in the US. There are different events that contributed to the genesis of the information era such as electronic gadgets and even the information theory but the most important even is the development and introduction of computers for application in information data storage and communication.

The event that can be perceived as the reason behind the success of the information era occurred in the 70s wherein the concept of information technology was realized. Also through the development of the machines, originally developed by the military for mechanization and computation, computers were given a new perspective and a new application (Forester, 1985). The achievement of the present state of information and communication technologies can then be attributed to the parallel development of the fields of information and communication.

One is the development of personal computers that presented limitless possibilities in the application to the present society and systems. Another is the continuous gain in importance of information storage and communication in relation to the trend of globalization and economic development. Through the said events, the information age became possible and is continuously on the rise. This can be attributed to the synergy of the two technologies, resulting in the automation of the communication and information systems.

The different events that followed the information revolution in the 70s can be considered as essential to the present state of the system. But the development of computer and the importance of information as incorporated in the information technology theory are the events that made the genesis of the information age possible. The events that are important in the development of the information era are the advancement of personal computers, fibre optics for communication, internet and other essential technologies.

From the event that can be considered to mark the onset of information age the continuous development of the information field involves trend such as increasing power while decreasing size in hardware made possible through wireless and satellite systems. These technologies changed the world and continuously reshaping it. Through the use of computers the processing of information opened every possible area of exploration. Through the application of the techniques of information storage, retrieval and communication, the technology created a world of automation.

Due to this discovery, every field of knowledge and profession require its application, through planning, manufacturing and production of any line of products, through the academe and even politics and governance. The computers can be considered as the genesis of chance, a machine that gained the power to reshape every other discipline. It is in fact one of the notions that the use of computers for information can presently be considered as a necessity. Although computers had been present for a long period of time its recognition for its present application was rediscovered in the 70s, thus considered a monumental event.

The said event is the key that triggered the onset of the information technology revolution, a phrase to describe the present need of the society for the use of computers. In addition, upon analysis, compared to other technologies computers being the most advance tools present in the modern age can continuously improve itself to suit the needs of the population. Thus aside from being an important device, it can be surmised that the computers has the capability to heal and develop its own and continuously be of use.


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