The Free Encyclopedia essay

Cultural patterns that were established commonly for the society and its people are known to be as popular culture. It also sometimes referred to as pop culture. Duly interfaces, needs, aspirations and cultural moments were involved that make everyday life a convention. Also includes various daily practices such as everyday routine like cooking clothing and consumption. And also the many aspects of entertainment may it be sports or literature (Wikimedia Foundation). By these definitions, it is simply referred to as cultural patterns that would most likely suitable for normal convention of a community that constantly change.

It may originate of divulge to a subculture. Even though it is the most widespread among community, still it faces many criticisms. It is said to be an arbitrary construct to promote elitism that cause the people to be in distance with it. It also said to have limitations on understanding and experience too. Critics also said that pop culture are sometimes relating to sensationalism and narcissism. It does not conform to the original ideals of popular culture as it was established. But these criticisms simply denote that pop culture was merely a known culture in the community.

In today’s world, pop culture is still emerge and widespread and known all throughout the society. It is due to help of word of a mouth, media such as televisions and internet. In pop culture, the society must embrace what culture they are in. Society must expect some sort of changes on norms and conventions that will be eventually made due to changing times. Even though they are to keep up with it, they must still know how to deal with changes made. Wikimedia Foundation Inc. “Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia”. 2007. May 3, 2007.