The Europeans to North America essay

Upon the entrance of the Europeans to North America there began an enormous change in the universal network leading to the exchange of plants, fauna and illnesses among the old world and new. This transaction of national life forms was known as the Columbian Exchange. Centuries of geographic separation led to different development of plants and fauna in the North America and Europe. In the new world the, Europeans local plant foods mainly cultivated by native Americans, such as potatoes, beans, squash and maize etc. The long term consequences of the Columbian exchange were mixed up. It formed

vast increase in food production and human populations, but it also damaged the environmental firmness of vast areas, increased erosion of the land led to the destruction of many lives. Native America until 1492 when the voyage of Christopher Columbus began a chronological period of much European contact with the Americans. Millions willingly or unwillingly from the previous world ended up settling in America. European contact with the new world led to the colonization of the Americans. Approximating the number of people living in America by that time but when the Columbus arrived the numbers

increased tremendously by 20th century scholarly estimates varied from a low of 8. 4 million to 112. 5 million persons. In 1976 various estimates to drive a consensus count of about 54 million people, although the previous estimates were lower than that. The lowest estimates gave a death toll of 80% by the end of 16th century (16 million people). It was argued that many population statistics were as a result of capricious formula selectively applied to numbers from unreliable historical sources. The slaves were shipped to America because they kept a plantation economy growing

and running and most Europeans had already developed this system. Most slaves relied on ancient awarding merchants (mostly from other countries) and licensed to trade slaves to their colonies. It gave them a near monopoly during the era although some Dutch, English, English and French traders also participated in slave trade. They exploited slaves through minimum wages or not at all, sex slavery etc. The reasons had to do with economics and politics. Europeans practiced systems of both bonded labor and Indian slavery thus enslaving many of the natives of the new world. They took advantage of

African slaves due to affordable prices and this resulted to shift away from Indian slavery. It is often falsely claimed that Indians made poor slaves as compared to Africans thus explaining to shifting to Africans though this reasons had to with politics and economics. Kazakhs a Turkic speaking people who are the regions natives made up more than half of the population. The Kyrgyzstan and China at the highest is mount Khan – Tigris the county was intensely developed agriculturally but of the land area was used for Pasture, with sheep’s and goats as the main livestock. After several years of sustainedTroubles then it began a period of economic sustained growth.


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