The Effect of Media Exposure in Men and Women essay


TheEffect of Media Exposure in Men and Women

TheImpact of Media Exposure in Men and Women

Theauthor of this article sought to explore the effect of media exposureto women and men’s self esteem, body satisfaction, level of socialcomparison and level of internalization in regards to social culturalideas. Most of media research projects carried out concluded that alarge population in the American society spends most of day’s hourswatching television or engaging on other media platforms (Russello,2013). Therefore, it was very possible that this favorite past timeactivity has a certain effect to both men and women. Media has aneffect on how men and women view themselves, their level of bodysatisfaction and the overall self esteem (Russello, 2013). The authorof this article therefore explored these effects in regards to socialcomparisons theories and social-cultural ideals.

Theauthor of this article carried out an experiment that includedundergraduate female and males who were below the age of 32. Duringthis experiment, a group of undergraduate students were exposed toadvertisements in television shows with either thin women or muscularmen. It is important to understand that the muscular men and thinfemales represented the ideal social cultural group (Russello, 2013).There were particular undergraduate group who were exposed totelevision advertisements with neutral men and women. The authorsought to find out the overall effect of media between these twogroups.

Thefindings of the research were that generally men were morecomfortable with their bodies as compared to women. In addition, meninternalized less social-cultural ideals than was seen in women(Russello, 2013). However, both genders recorded the same level ofself-esteem as well as the social comparisons. Moreover, mediaexposure on physical advertisements did not have an adverse effect onthe level of body satisfaction, internalization or self esteem.Finally, the research concluded that as the level of socialcomparison increased, so was the level of internalization in bothgenders (Russello, 2013).


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