The cost of driving essay

Thecost of driving

Thecost of driving

A)What are your fixed monthly car expenses?

Themonthly fixed expenses on my car are insurance and maintenance cost.The insurance cost is $150 and maintenance averages about $90 amonth.

B)What are the variable monthly car expenses?

Thetotal costs of variable expenses add up to $160.

C)Whatis your total cost per month?


D)Approximatelyhow many miles do you do in a month?

500milesper month

E)Divide C by D to figure your cost per mile

400/500=$0.8 per mile

F)What changes might you make to save money on your total car expenses?

Iuse my car on a daily basis to move around the city. If I can get tobuy a bicycle and use it to move around places in the city, I willcut on costs. The use of a bicycle will cut my costs by 2/5 ifeffectively used.