The Corporation and Corporate Ethics and Responsibility essay

TheCorporation and Corporate Ethics and Responsibility

TheCorporation and Corporate Ethics and Responsibility

QuestionOne-Are drug companies that test experimentaldrugs in foreign countries acting ethically?

Drug companies testing experimental drugs in foreign countries areacting in a manner that exhibits unethical practices. Organizationsinvolved in the manufacture of pharmaceutical commodities have themandate of ensuring they operate in a manner that depictsprofessionalism and adherence to the stipulated code of ethics.Testing of drugs in foreign countries exposes the human subjects toadverse health effects especially if it the drugs turn out to havedetrimental impacts. Companies have the moral obligation to act in anethical manner and be liable for actions they undertake in furtheringtheir agenda. The firms are not ethical because of the harm theyexpose the users of the drugs. The pharmaceutical companies mustissue a warning to the consumers on the possible effects of using thedrugs and let them decide. For example, the FDA identifies the needfor companies to state dangers of using a particular commodity, suchas cigarettes and let consumers bear risk for the same (Shaw &ampBarry, 2015)

QuestionTwo-.Is American industry at too much risk oflawsuits to remain competitive? Should companies trying to developdrugs be given immunity from lawsuits?

American industries are at risk of experiencing numerous lawsuitsowing to the number of consumers who have sued the companies for thedetrimental health effects they are encountering after consumption oftheir commodities. An example of such a case is the cigarettemanufacturers. Such lawsuits significantly affect their competitivenature as attested by the increased number of cigarette smokers whosue the manufacturing firms on grounds of availability of chemicalscausing addiction (Shaw &amp Barry, 2015). Companies developingdrugs should not be given immunity from the lawsuits. They should begagged to emphasize on ethical practices and manufacture of drugsthat do not result in detrimental effects to consumers.

QuestionThree-Is it ethical for companies to decline tosell a useful drug because they can make more money marketing drugsthat are more widely needed? Is it ethical for companies to declineto sell a useful drug in a foreign country because they can make moremoney marketing the drug elsewhere?

Companies have the moral obligation to adhere to ethical practices inany activities that they undertake. Marketing a drug that would onlyhave beneficial returns to the organization at the expense of theuseful regimen is outright unethical. It is unfortunate that someindividuals argue that firms cannot be held responsible since theycannot be recognized as persons canyou expect a corporation to have a conscience when it has no soul tobe damned and no body to be kicked?” (Shaw &amp Barry, 2015)

Such kind of reasoning should be disregarded and instead, haveorganizations be held liable for the adverse effects they expose theconsumers. Also, it would be unethical for the organization todecline the sale of drugs in a given country since they can market itelsewhere. Such an action contradicts ethical actions and should beshunned by firms.

QuestionFour-Do companies have an ethical obligationto make drugs available in poor countries at little or no cost?

Firms have the mandate of ensuring they make drugs available todeveloping countries at a cheaper or free. Firms have the moral dutyof operating under the provisions of ethical conduct (DesJardins, &ampMcCall, 2014). Much as the organizations are focused on manufacturingfor profit, it should be known to them that whatever activities theyundertake, they have a duty to the human race. Underdevelopedcountries with little or no capabilities must be assisted to get thedrugs at a lower price to reduce the mortality rates witnessed. Theorganizations must subsidize the cost of drugs sold to the emergingcountries since it is ethically right to do so.


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