The Clintons and the African American community essay

TheClintons and the African American community

Thearticle looks at how the relationship between the Clintons and theAfrican American community has been since Bill Clinton wascampaigning till he left office in 2001. Specifically, there is ananalysis of the support the Clintons have been getting duringelections from the African American community. It also analyzes thecontribution of Bill Clinton to the high rates of incarcerations ofyoung African American men which were reported during his time aspresident of the United States. Hillary Clinton is also seen tocontribute in a way to the issues that were facing the community. Thearticle then explains that she once made a comment which depictedchildren from the community like animals. It is clear that theClintons are worms for what they did to the black community.

Thereport also analyzes how the blacks thought they had benefited fromthe move made by Bill Clinton at that time when in reality it was aloss for them. It goes ahead to look at how Bill Clinton contributedto the poverty rates that were experienced by African Americans whenhe was president. The article then relates these events to thesupport that Hillary Clinton is getting at the moment in her campaignfrom the African American community. It majorly shows the number oflosses that have been experienced by the African-American communityas a result of the Clintons being in power. Therefore, it is quiteclear that the Clintons’ words to the African American communitywere and still are just a Band- aid and not a solution.

Iagree with the sentiments brought forward by the article. The blackAmerican community needs to analyze critically the events that tookplace during Bill Clinton’s presidency and identify how the ruleaffected the community. The events prove that the hope the communityhas in Hillary Clinton is a fragile seed. Though every individual hasa right to support whichever candidate he/she wants, it is not rightfor them to support Clinton by her husband’s rule which was notfavorable to the community. The support should be by how the Clintonwill make America better not just for the African-American communitybut those living in the states. In my opinion, the dreams of theAfrican American community are flowers to which Clinton is the bee.

Ifthe support is based on the rule by her husband, Clinton may repeatthe same mistakes and instead of helping the black community she willcome up with policies that oppress them in a way and which will givemore support to white people. It is essential for the black communityto set their priorities right when it comes to the backing of apresidential candidate to ensure that they benefit as much as theycan from the candidate when he/she is finally in office. Clinton mayhave something new to offer the community, but her past will not makeit easy for her to get back the trust of black people in America.However, the judgment of the black population on the support forClinton will depend on how they perceive her contribution to theissues faced by the community. It is, therefore, important that thedecision of this particular community be based on issues that willhelp and support them.