The Battle That Changed the War in Vietnam essay

Harold Moore is one of the best-known writers of the American world of literature. It could be observed that the said author has been much enthusiastic on presenting the basic situations during the war years that America has been faced with in its history. One of the most written about war within the American history is its encounter with the Vietnamese community during the 60’s towards the 70’s decades, when they were currently undergoing a civil war. One of the best writers in discussing the said particular part of history is Harold Moore.

In his book “We were soldiers once”, the said event within the American history has been effectively presented through the utilization of the major experience of the only reporter present during the actual war in the name of Joseph Galloway and the experience of the actual soldiers who were present during those eras. Among the soldiers present those times was Harold Moore himself. It could be noted that his becoming one of the army commanders during those war eras he was able to see the situation in a warrior’s perspective. He was also able to present the situation in a much vivid imagination for the readers of the said book.

Its first publishing in 1993 actually made it possible for the said author to be written in the list of best writers of American History. Summary and Contents The book of Moore actually presents the different events during the war years of between the American army and the Viet Cong Armed Forces. The in depth presentation of the war years in Vietnam has actually tried to reach the heart of the readers making it one of the best reading material that ever discussed the meaning of the war years to the American soldiers who both fought for the American liberty and the freedom of the innocent Vietnamese civilians.

Indeed, this book of Moore made it easy for readers to realize the actual scenario that bounded the minds of the soldiers during the America-Vietnam encounter. It is much certain that Moore’s interpretation of the event through writing brought into life all the different emotions that the soldiers of the past suffered and endured with just to be able to help the others as well as themselves to survive the said war. The Main Thesis and the Author’s Approach

The approach of Moore in presenting the main idea of the book with regards the emotional impact of the war and the psychological effect that has been brought about by the war to the soldiers have actually been much affecting among the readers. His presently being in the war made t possible for him to show the readers the real side of the situation which is something that cannot be found on other books that are simply designed for historical detailing of the mentioned event. Critique and Analysis

The personal-based experiences that have been utilized by the author in detailing the events of the Vietnam-American war made this particular reading material a must-read for the history enthusiasts. Certainly, the approach of Moore in presenting the different events in the said war made this book separately different from the others, which tended to present the same part of history. The choice of words that he used to be able to convey his message to the readers actually makes his writing more acceptable as to the way that he made history a much more realizable reading for both the history enthusiasts as well as with those who are not.

Conclusion Many writers or the American history have actually attempted to write the different details that pertain to the war years of the said country highlighting their liberal movement in helping the Vietnam society recover from their own strife during their civil war. Moore has certainly contributed to the in depth understanding of the society with regards the said historical account in the past accounts of the human society.

Aside from this, the enthusiasm of Moore in presenting who they [the soldiers] were before and how they are know brings a deeper sense of emotional concern in the book, bringing history alive and much more recognizable for readers. Thus, through this, it could be noted that this particular book is indeed a fine read for everyone wanting to see deeper within the pages of history in Vietnam and America.


Moore, Harold. (1993). We Were Soldiers Once… and Young: Ia Drang–The Battle That Changed the War in Vietnam. Presidio Press.