The ability of sociology essay

In the post provided by the student it offers readers the ability to understand the ability of sociology to answer individual and group questions concerning the situations happening within and outside their environment. Looking at it, I will have to agree with the notion of the writer that there are different ways towards understanding the occurrences in society. However, I will like to add and mention that it must be understood because of the varied perceptions one may have concerning a social event or phenomenon.

At the same time, I feel that the author’s claim concerning Conflict Theory is only limited to its socio-economic concepts. I feel that the author must see tout to explain not only this connection but also on its ability to affect cultural and political influences and practices that generates a better and comprehensive understanding of the interplay of power happening among individuals and groups.

In addition, I feel that due to modernity, it has allowed sociology to also evolve and develop. This in turn made me adhere to the notion of the posting that indeed modernity has allowed the creation of complex mechanisms and practices. However, I feel that again the author must have elaborated in the document how can sociology expand and elaborate the realities happening in life. By citing and providing specific more examples, it can make the argument provided have more bearing.

Lastly, I would like to add to the notion provided by the author in the last paragraph. It can also be mentioned that sociological understanding not only revolves on the completion of seeing each ones perspectives of reality. At the same time, there must be an active ground wherein these individuals and groups interact and create the necessary changes or situations for cooperation. I deem that this coherence allows each one to have the competency to think sociologically.