TED Talk essay



TheTED talk theme revolves around the reason why talking about nations,and bordered states should be stopped, and instead focus on cities aswell as the proposition why mayors should rule the world. Talkingabout cities engages the discussion regarding political institutionsfrom which culture and civilization arise. Barber (2013) explainsthat cities are the public places where people claim theircitizenship as participants and as citizens with rights to recordtheir narratives. Mayors are at the center of these cities andtherefore, they virtually rule the world.

Thetalk presents me with three distinct points that are essential inunderstanding subsequent readings. First, is the realization thatdemocracy is in trouble. The twenty-first century is viewed as atransitional world of problems and as well challenges in which therelies the dilemma of democracy problem (Barber, 2013). Second, mayorsare presented as important yet different from the Prime Minister.While the Prime Minister offers people with ideologies, mayors arepragmatic and problem solvers who get the job done. They have to putideas, religion, and ethnicity away and bring cities together. Third,cities are highlighted as the roadmaps to democracy. If democracy wasborn in the ancient polis, then it can still be reborn ininternational Cosmopolis. These readings enable me to understand thelink between democracy and cities, and the role mayors can play inpromoting social equality.

Inthis talk, I have learned that the power of democracy can berediscovered by moving from polis to Cosmopolis. Also, individualsshould aim at building a league of cities instead of a League ofNations which can fail. Another important lesson is the considerationby mayors to formulate a global parliament of mayors. This impliesthat there is a parliament for the people since a parliament ofmayors is a parliament for the people.


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