Technology Solutions for a Visually Impaired Student essay

TechnologySolutions for a Visually Impaired Student

TechnologySolutions for a Visually Impaired Student

Theuse of assistive technology in the education sector increases thecapacity of learners with special needs to compete with the rest ofthe students. Assistive devices are designed to address the skillsgap for each student. In this paper, the low-tech devices that can beused to help a high school student with visual impairment will bediscussed.


Themagnifier is technology-based equipment that is specifically designedto help students and scholars who cannot see clearly. The magnifiercan be built with a stand or a handheld gadget. It works byincreasing the size of words on a written text tom an extent that thevisually impaired scholar can see (MaxiAid, 2016). The price ofmagnifiers ranges from $ 5 to $ 52.96 depending on their size and thelevel of technology applied (MaxiAid, 2016). A consumer may buymagnifiers from different manufacturers, including MaxiAid Companythat is located in Farmingdale, New York or from its website.


Thisis low-technology device that is used by learners who are visuallyimpaired to write texts. This technology is suitable because it helpsthe student write a text using standard letters, which makes the texteasy to read. Most of the visually impaired students have a poorhandwriting, which reduces their capacity to compete with normalstudents (MaxiAid, 2016). This justifies the use of labelingcassettes. A simple cassette reader can be bought at $ 9, but a moreadvanced one that has the capacity to convert text to voice can besold at $ 139. Consumers can buy by the labeling cassettes fromMaxiAid.


Thisis a system that is made of characters on raised dots. It helpsstudents with low visual capacity to identify letters when reading atext by touching the set of dots, instead of relying on their eyes.This technology is suitable because it will help the high schoolstudent read texts without straining see what is written. This willhelp the visually impaired learner compete with those who have anormal visual capacity. The student may buy Braille characters at acost of $ 35-$ 45 from companies, such as the Epson American Company(Enabling Technologies, 2015).


Ahighlighting pen is used to create a high contrast for the readingmaterials, which is accomplished by creating a background that allowsthe learner to differentiate between lines and words. In addition,the higher will allow the student to differentiate between importantfrom trivial information from a text, which make revision easier.This will reduce confusion, thus increasing the students’ abilityto study at a relatively the same speed with learners with normalvisual capacity. The student can buy the highlighters online fromOffice Depot at a price of about $ 6 (Office Depot, 2016).


Afelt tip marker is used to write texts in darker lives that are morevisible compared to texts that are written using the normal markers.They may be sold in different colors, but the black marker against awhite background is preferred for students with low vision. Themarker is a suitable device that will help the high school studenttake notes that are easy to revise. This is because the felt-markerincreases contrasts that allow the student learn at the same pace andcompete with other students. The student can but the marker atbetween $ 11 and $ 45 from (Amazon, 2016).


Studentswith a low vision have a poor posture that makes reading from thenormal desks inconvenient. Reading can be made convenient for thispopulation of learners by using a slant board. A slant board ensuresthat the light is falling from the direction and at an angle thatallow the student to see and read the text better. The angle of theslant board can be adjusted to suit the needs of the learner. Theprice of a slant board varies from $ 45 and $ 95, and it can beaccessed online from (Amazon, 2016).


Ahigh school student with low vision can be empowered to readconveniently and compete with other students by using different typesof assistive devices. There are many low-tech devices that can beused, but the common ones include the magnifier, labeling cassette,Braille, highlighter, felt-tip marker, and slant board.


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