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Thedevelopment of the matrix team is essential for the organization andimproved function of the hospital. All members who head departmentsin the hospital have a vital role in the overall function of theleadership team. As such, any form of conflict should be resolved inorder to ensure that the issues between Jack and Robert should notaffect the management on the department level (Ramsbotham,et al, 2008).

What Problems are presented here?

The first problem presented in the case is thatthere is a conflict between two senior officials (Jack Elliot) and(Robert Corning). In this case, the conflict is deep-rooted give thatJack’s wife had an affair with Robert. In addition, Robert marriedJack’s ex-wife after their divorce. One of the impacts of thisproblem is that there is discourse between the two parties, whichinterferes with the professional lives of the two employees. Whileboth jack and Robert do not see eye to eye, their conflict affectsthe collaboration of the two departments that they head (Normore,et al, 2016).

How do you Propose to Deal with these Problems

The first proposal on how to deal with thementioned problem is that both members should understand theimportance of maintaining professionalism in the workplace. Theorganization is required to have a committee, which handles issues ofconflict between employees. Given that both Jack and Robert headdepartments in the hospital, they have to serve as examples to therest of the establishment. Hence, the discipline committee shouldsermon the employees on their conduct and its effect on the workingenvironment. The committee should listen to the cases of the twodepartment heads and provide a way forward. One of the solutionsincludes separating the two by transferring either Robert or Jack toanother department. In contrast, the two should undergo a conflictand reconciliation program to ensure that all the issues areaddressed (Spiess&amp Felding, 2008).&nbsp

Checklistfor Building your Team

After the analysis of the background and the progress of the twoemployees, it is essential to support the team building process bypresenting a checklist for building the team.

  • Any Legal Issues

In terms of the legal issues, the conflict hasnot elevated to a legal issue given that neither Jack, Robert, hiswife, or any member of the hospital have not pressed charges. Forinstance, legal issues occur when the action of an employee goesagainst the law or company by laws. Notably, both Jack and Robertengaged in a fistfight that resulted in the disruption of workproceedings at the time. The only issue in this case is that bothdepartment heads dislike each other. As such, no legal action can betaken to solve this issue unless the conflict is taken to the nextlevel (Ramsbotham,et al, 2008).

  • Institutional Policy Issues

Institutional policy issues arise when a memberor members of a given institution go against the policies governed bythe institution. As mentioned earlier, both Jack and Robert had afistfight in the workplace owing to their dispute. This action wentagainst company policy, which states that conflict between employeesshould not result in physical conflict. Hence, the head of humanresource, company head, and Medical Director should take directaction on this issue by terminating the employees contract,transferring one of the employees, or enlisting both employees in ateam-building program required to solve their problems (Normore,et al, 2016).

  • Documentation

Lastly, documentation is essential in recordingthe history of each employee in terms of their conduct, output,growth, and contribution to their departments and the entireorganization. In addition, both Jack and Robert should understandthat their actions create a negative perception on their career. Inturn, the team building process should look into permanent solutionsfor the conflict in order to ensure the success of the new matrix(Ramsbotham,et al, 2008).


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