Teaching and Developing Vocabulary in Young Children

According to Wasik &amp Iannone‐Campbell (2012), adults are the most significant people in helping young children to learn new vocabularies. Their everyday interactions and conversations entail the use of unfamiliar words which expand the child’s vocabulary. Methods of teaching and developing vocabulary among young children are:

  • talking about new words that closely related to the child’s interests

  • repeating the same word over and over again

  • incorporation of actions

It is advised that teachers and adult should not bombard young children with new words. This allows the child to remember the few words learned in a day usually three to five words.

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The power of words has changed in the past years and will continue changing in the world history.

The availability of vocabulary as well as the skills that one possesses to use the words is regarded as one of the greatest tools that enhance success both academically and generally in life.

The knowledge of words affects each child’s ability to function in both the economic and social world (Rowe, 2012).

Vocabulary has also served to enrich peoples’ reading skills. It is necessary to encourage the development of vocabulary among children so that they can develop the necessary literacy skills to achieve success in school (Weitzman &amp Greenberg, 2010).


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