Tangible Improvement in Voluntarism Within Minority Communities in the UK essay

In 2012, the Olympic Games and will be held in London, England. As always, a large number of volunteers will be required to make the Games a success. However, in the past, voluntarism among the Black-African community in the UK has been minimal. Research indicates that Black-African communities in the UK are desolate in many ways, thereby reducing community engagement. Current Olympic preparations include extending volunteer opportunities to all local population, including the Black-African community.

There is increasing evidence to support that instances of competitive sport may both spark and provide a more prominent prospect for the integration of all minority communities in the act of voluntarism. However, there remains a need for the development of strategies to encourage acts of local voluntarism within these minority groups, and within the ‘young’ members of these communities in particular. Through careful review and research of as many as one hundred literary works, research projects, articles, and periodicals, the blueprint for a sound and successful voluntarism campaign has been designed and prepared.

Through the implementation of this voluntarism plan, marked improvement in the number of local community volunteers from Black-African communities, as well as subsequent minority groups, is both possible and probable. The execution of a well-thought out voluntarism promotion plan will indisputably improve upon the statistics surrounding minority volunteer involvement for the upcoming 2012 Olympic Games and beyond.