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Everyday people are making major sacrifices and giving up some comfortsand luxuries and in return choosing a better healthier lifestyleespecially in regards to food intake. In most cases, individualschoose what to consumer based on taste and deliciousness as opposedto the nutritional value of such food. With an approach in foodintake that prioritizes taste as opposed to nutrition, individualshave taken to food intake as a means of fulfilling their emotionalneeds in terms of happiness, enjoyment an sense of satisfactionopposed to a means of supplying the body with the needed nutrition tosustain life and function well. Ordinarily, the body should be servedwith the right balance of nutrients as indicated by the body’snutritional requirements vis-a-vis the nutritional value of the foodsconsumed. Where people ignore the nutritional information or thenutritional value of the food that they consume, they are likely tomiss the minimum or recommended nutrient intake requirement and thebody is likely to be affected in various ways such as low immunityand low energy. In most cases, many people get sick because ofignoring the important fact of having a balanced diet or right amountof vitamins consumption in order to maintain in green zone of health. Few hundreds of years ago, mankind was still looking for thevitamins that the human body could not produce. To supply thesenutrients to the body, humans were eating a lot of fruits andvegetables just to get the vitamin to benefit the body and maintaingood health. The human body does not produce most of the vitamins byitself but requires the vitamins from outside sides that can beintroduce in the body through consumption and an effective digestiveprocess to extract the vitamins from the food consumed.Unfortunately, most people are least concerned with the issue ofvitamins and balanced and diet, a process that has led to increasedcases of diseases as more and more people continue to consume lessfruit and vegetables. The core reason why there is reducedconsumption of vitamin rich fruits and vegetables is the fact thattechnology has allowed for more tastier and appealing processes foodsthat have lower nutritional value that also make fruits andvegetables less desirable and even less relatively delicious. Toaddress the situation, the same technology has been applied inattempts to harness the beneficial aspect of fruits and vegetables byextracting vitamins from these fruits and even creating artificialvitamins that are sold and administered to individuals in smallvitamin supplements in form of suspensions or tablets. There arevalid concerns in the development of vitamin supplements as theyallow individuals to more readily meet the recommended daily intakelevels of vitamins. Ordinarily, vitamins contained in fruits in theirnatural state might not be accessible to the body because theydissolve in water and thus are lost through bodily processes andwaste products such as sweat and urine. Vitamin supplements come inhandy in addressing this issue by providing vitamins at higherconcentrations that average 10,00mg per tablet compared to theaverage 500mg that may be required. The vitamin tablet is alsoconsumed using little water compared to fruits meaning that thevitamins will less likely leach out the body through sweat and urine.For instance, with the vitamin tablet, one consumes are allowed totake the full 10,00mg of vitamin C without having too much liquidwith it to prevent urinated out from our body.

Dailysupplements are invented for people to absorb the full amount ofvitamins in a single tablet unlike fruit and vegetable has the riskof providing with too much of liquid might help a person his or herdigestive system to urinate or sweat out most of the vitamins. Often,a daily tablet of vitamin supplements not only contains singlevitamins but rather contains a healthy mix of vitamins in the rightproportions and mostly comparatively cheaper as compared to consumingfruits and vegetables. Majority of fruits and vegetables are seasonaland their availability and price fluctuations make them unreliable insome situations. Vitamin tablets are convenient because they containimportant vitamins in a single small tablet and they are available inall seasons and are relatively cheaper. Tablets are also enhanced interms of taste and flavors to make them appealing to diverse groupsof people. They are suitable for all age because of different sizes,rich in flavor and the shape that attract youth, adult or senior totake it as a daily healthy source of vitamins. At the point when thesustenance on the plate misses the mark and does exclude fundamentalsupplements like calcium, potassium, vitamin D, and vitamin B12, aportion of the supplements numerous Americans don`t get enough of, asupplement can take up the healthful slack. Vitamin and mineralsupplements can forestall lacks that can add to perpetual conditions.Daily supplement do provide what a person lacks on a normal day orrequires in special situations. For instance, pregnant and lactatingmothers require extra intake of calcium as a mineral and othervitamins to ensure the proper development of the fetus and productionof healthy breast milk for breastfeeding mothers and the vitamintablets come in handy in providing the extra intake required. If anindividuals who live in the North Pole or working in an office forlongs hour without contact with the sunlighthours may lead to deficiency of vitamin D. A body lack of vitaminsis very weak against viruses and diseases, a person might fall sickvery easily.Again, vitamin tablets have been very instrumental in enablingresearch and travels in outer space as the core vitamins need byastronauts such as those working in the international space stationare conveniently supplied with core vitamins through the tablets.Again, even for those engaged in long travels, hikes, camping,mountaineering or serving in the military, they can convenientlycarry with them vitamin tablets as opposed to the inconvenience ofcarrying fruits and vegetables on their trips that are not only bulkybut cannot remain fresh for long. However, there are accusations thatthe vitamin supplements including vitamin C supplements are loadedwith doping substances according to a study by Geyer, Parr, Koehler,and colleagues (2008).

UniqueC tablet is a daily healthy daily supplement. It is good because ofit provides a rich amount of vitamin C abstracted form fruits andother sources. First of all, Vitamin C is an antioxidant cell agentcomprising of a molecule particle electron cell that has thecapability to combine with harmful radicals in the body. Anantioxidant is water-soluble, our body did not design to produce bigvolume of vitamin C itself, often people get it from vegetable orfruit. It protects our cell from the harmful oxidizing radicalsubstance that will damage our DNA. Vitamin C is needed forprotecting our heart because it helps protect arteries againstdamage. In fact, “Vitamin C can prevent the progression ofhardening of the arteries, which then builds up as plaque in thearteries and can cause heart attack”( Ehrlich ,2013, p.7.). Havinga clot in the artery will brings on hindrance of the veins thatsupply blood to heart muscle and may lead to malfunctioning of theheart commonly distinguished as cardiac arrest. In other words, lackof Vitamin C will produce free radicals in the body that may alsohave other devastating effects in the body such as lowering immunityand slowing down the body’s wound-healing rate. Free radicalsubstances damage the new cell for new tissue formed and closes thewound (Depaul 2016). Vitamin C works in healing wounds and formingscar tissue through formation of an important protein needed inmaking skin, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels. Besides boostingthe immunity, vitamin c like all other majors such as vitamin C and Econtribute to a general feeling of wellness in the body. Strongerimmunity in our body helps reduce the risk of catching commoninfections such as the common cold and flu as the research by Stratenand Joslin (2002) clearly demonstrated. Most people believe the bodyrequires only white blood cells to fight infections and may thus failto see the role played by vitamin C in promoting immunity. Theprocess is rather simplified with Vitamin C working in conjunctionwith T-cells and white blood cells. The white blood cells are simplyinvolved in monitoring the body and various systems in the body forinfections and foreign bodies and attacking such pathogens in orderto protect the body (DePaul 2016).

Secondly,Unique C daily supplement tablets are good for bone development.Unique C tablets also provide Calcium in a single pill. First of all,Calcium is a very important mineral in human. Calcium is a soft grayalkaline earth metal that makes the human bones to have thewhite-greyish coloration. Calcium can be found in our body, nearlyall the calcium in the body is habited in bone tissue, but a smallamount circulates dissolved in the blood and other body fluids or isinside our cells. Our body can produce own calcium for its own needs.Calcium is very important to our bone. It’s served to helpstrengthen the bone structure. Bones are made up of living, growingtissue it provide vertical support skeleton in our body and it’s anatural growing tissue from childhood to adulthood. Because ofcalcium, our bone become stronger and flexible to enough to let humanstand and withstand its weight (NIH, 2015, p.1). Furthermore,deficiency in calcium leads to weak bones with reduced density andare weak. Weak bones in the body can be physically manifested in formof rickets, bowed legs, deformed body structures, deformed bodyposture, poorly developed teeth, and even brittle bones that caneasily break and fracture at the least amount of pressure (Carr &ampFrei 1999). Calcium is needed to harden our bone with solid densityto have a good quality of bone to support human’s body to withstandthe body weight stress. Although the body loses calcium and has nomechanism to create new calcium, individuals have to identify thebest calcium-rich foods to cover for the loss. One study by Redmondand colleagues (2015) assessed mineral loss though urine includingphosphates and calcium and indicated that there are significantdifferences in the amount of calcium and phosphates lost throughurine and sweat across the racial divide, which may suggest thatthere are differences in calcium and phosphates intake requirementsacross the ethnic divide in regards to covering the loss of theminerals in the body. Given such evidence of such variations incalcium loss across the ethnic divide, it is important forindividuals to acknowledge calcium loss and its relationship withtheir ethnicity and seek to replenish the body with needed calciumthrough calcium rich-meals and where possible consider calciumsupplements such as unique C. Having the right amount of calcium inthe body promotes better health and ensures a strong skeletalstructure that is need foe the body to function well physiologicallyand even physically.

Lastbut not least, Manganese can be found in unique C tables. First,manganese is a chemical element can be found in our body and can alsobe found in nature naturally. Manganese is a mineral actuallyhappening in our body in little sums ad the recommended daily intakeof the mineral is also small which makes it a favorite candidate tobe ignored in nutritional information and meal planning. In fact,according to the University of Maryland Medical Center (2016), it isestimated that 37% of Americans do not eat the recommended dietaryintake of manganese though the mineral can be easily sourced fromcommon foods including spices (Cloves and Saffron), wheat germ andbran, nuts (hazelnuts, pine nuts, pecans), mussels, cocoa powder andrelated products, oysters, and clams, pumpkin, flax, sesameseeds/butter and chili powder (Emerit Meriatta 2016). Same asvitamin C, manganese has a role in protecting the body’s immunityas it is a component of the of the antioxidant enzyme superoxidedismutase (SOD) that also fights fight free radicals. It is a tracemineral that plays an important role in biological processesthroughout the body. In the article stated, “Manganese helps thebody for a better blood sugar regulation for the brain and nerveworking properly” (Ehrlich, 2013, p3), it is clear that manganesehelps to keep the thyroid gland working properly. The thyroid glandis a butterfly-shaped organ sitting inside the base of your neck. Itreleases hormones that control metabolism. Manganese helps thyroidgland release a balance amount of hormones for our body needs. In theother hand, a symptom of manganese deficiency is the tremor. It isbad and harmful to our body muscle movement. Tremor affect thestability of hand, it shakes and destroy the steadiness of your handbalance. Tremor will not cause death but it can be embarrassing tosome individuals and make it harder to perform daily errands. Last,with the right amount of manganese, will help in vitamin absorption.Keeping manganese at the non-toxic level will make vitamin morewelcome and taking in into every cell. It makes our body having morereaction with vitamin we taking in and without wasting the richamount of vitamin in a single unique c table. Due to this fact, ourbody can prevent further sickness in the future.

Thehuman body does not produce vitamin C by itself, that’s the reasonwhy our body always in the lower level of vitamin C but don’t worrywe do consume Vitamin C through a variety of fruits and vegetablesunknowingly with the nutritious inside with it. Nowadays vitamin Cwas abstract out from fruit or vegetable compressed into a smalltable supplement for us to intake, even a fruit consist of 10,000mgof vitamin C but we only taking in only 500mg because vitamin c iswater soluble it can urinate or sweat out from our body easily withthe vitamin C tablet we are allowed to take the full 10,00mg ofvitamin C without having too much liquid with it to prevent urinatedout from our body. Vitamin C helps to maintain at the perfect levelof cholesterol as well as become a high-dose vitamin C enhanced inmedicine usage in cancer treatment and of course boosting,strengthening our immune system for fighting a foreign virus thatharmful to our body and even non-infectious diseases includingcancer, cardiovascular diseases and cataracts (Carr &amp Frei 1999,p. 1088). The ability of the vitamin to fight cardiovascular diseaseemanates from its ability to reduce C–reactive protein in the bloodusually released after injury or inflammation (Block, Jensen, Dalveset al, 2008, p. 77).

Anotherimportant fact is that vitamin controls the cholesterol level.Vitamin C do helps lower the level of cholesterol in our bodynaturally. First of all, cholesterol is a type of fatty acid in theblood. A fatty acid is a long hydrocarbon chain capped by a carboxylgroup. Carboxyl groups are weak acids, dissociating partially torelease hydrogen ions. It’s small and it will attach and flow withred blood cell in our blood. Secondly, reduce the level ofcholesterol level in our blood is very important. Lowering the levelof cholesterol will make the blood flow freely with no stress in ourbody. Without a high level of cholesterol in our blood, our bloodmanages to flow freely in our body without any blockage. Because oflow cholesterol, we will be having a low risk of stroke and arteryblockage less pressure for our heart. In the other hand, people thinknegatively about cholesterol, maintain a good level of cholesterolcould do good for your cell. Rawson (2009) from the department ofmolecular Genetics stated, “Without sufficient cholesterol,membranes cannot work properly and cells die. Conversely, too muchcholesterol is also lethal to cells and organisms, and high levels ofcholesterol in the blood are a major cause of atherosclerosis inhumans” (p.1). In this manner, cells and organisms must keep up aperfect harmony between the cholesterol supply and cell request. Withthe proper level of cholesterol, it will help to keep our cell in ahealthy status. Last but not least, good controlling of cholesterolonly give good health. Having too much of cholesterol will form ablockage in the blood vessel, having too little of cholesterol willlead the cell dies. Maintained cholesterol level with vitamin C willhelp your cell in a proper work function. Vitamin C helps boost theconversion of cholesterol to bile salts that can be easy eliminatedfrom the body, which is the natural way to maintain a desirable levelof cholesterol in the body.

Anotherimportant fact is Vitamin C do helps cancer treatment. The use ofhigh-dose vitamin C in cancer treatment can enhance thecancer-killing effect of medicine consumed in chemotherapy. First ofall, the treatment of using high-dose vitamin C is important becauseit helps to kill cancer cell. A cancer cell is a gathering of morethan one hundred infections portrayed by anomalous, uncontrolled celldevelopment. Harm or change in the genetic material of cells bynatural or interior elements result in cells that don`t pass on andkeep on multiplying until monstrous cancer or a tumor creates. Because of uncontrolled massive growth of cells that lead to cancer,it might take our life away. Using of High-dose Vitamin C which iscall IV Vitamin could help to kill the cancer cell or enhanced themedicine which uses in the cancer treatment. High-dose vitamin C cantake by intravenous (IV) infusion vitamin C can achieve much moreelevated amounts in the blood than when it is taken by orally. Thesemore elevated amounts of vitamin C may bring about the demise ofcancer cells in the cancer treatment. With the usage of high-dosevitamin C can help the patient have a higher chance for recovery fromcancer. Additionally, using the high dose vitamin C along in thecancer treatment helps to kill the cancer cell more efficiently. Inthe article, Dr. Julian Whitaker (2014) said that “Lab studiesreveal that this therapy is effective against many types of cancer….High-dose IV vitamin C decreases tumor size by 41 to 53 percent “indiverse cancer types known for both their aggressive growth andlimited treatment options” (para.4). High-dose vitamin C workswith cancer treatment to limit or kills the cancer cell. It helps therecovery chance of a patient and give them back good healthy body. Last but not least using high-dose vitamin C could help the medicinein cancer treatment. High-dose vitamin C also reduces or kills thecancer cell. It helps to limit the growth of a cancer cell. The mostimportant thing is no matter how high the concentration, vitamin Cdoes not harm healthy cells.

Firstof all Vitamin, C is important towards our immune systems. Vitamin Cinclude protection against immune system deficiencies as well asstrengthen our immune system. The immune system works like a bunchof soldiers fighting the external harmful virus in our body. It’s anetwork link with cells in our body to fight against the virus thattrying to destroy our health. In the article stated, “Millions andmillions of cells… gather like clouds of bees swarming around ahive and pass information back and forth in response to aninfection…. Once immune cells receive the alarm, they becomeactivated and begin to produce powerful chemicals” (NationalInstitutes of Health 013 p.1). The immune system works like aplatform for our body cells to connect with each other passing aroundinformation and release the right chemical to kills the foreignvirus. To be precise, the immune system is very important for keepingthe body operating optimally and maintaining needed comfort to lead anormal lifestyle. The human body gives a perfectly natural conditionto attract numerous microorganisms. The job of the immune systemworks as a keeper to keep them out from our body or coordinate eachharmful virus and extinguish them. Because of the immune system, aharmful virus will not get into our body easily and we will have ahealthy life. In the other hand balance of taking vitamin C is veryimportant. An overdose of vitamin C can cause malfunction of theimmune system. The immune system will release a chemical to kill theharmful virus but sometimes too much of vitamin C will help theimmune system attack the wrong target. When the immune system hit thewrong target it might cause us high fever because of all those cellsare trying to recover from the attack of immune system. Theconsequence of having the right amount of vitamin C will give onlygood effect to the immune system. Strengthening the immune system isin the prior list of having vitamin C. This lead to a person willhave a high adapting ability when going to other unfamiliar areas.Strong immune system helps a person stay away from bad virus everyday and keep their health in good condition.

UniqueC is chiefly intended to maximize absorption and utilization of theessential vitamins. Unique C tablets contain several rich vitaminslike vitamin C, calcium, and manganese to help a person to have ahealthy level of body system to prevent sicknesses occurring in hisbody. In the future the company of unique c tablets will be makingmore vitamins that our body needs in altogether in a single tabletwith the right amount because in the modern world today getting theright amount and various kind of vitamin for our body is hard due tothe fact that people now having a fast tempo on life more time onwork less time on choosing the quality of vitamin source. Mixedbioflavonoids are not covered in this research because they aresimply chemicals that are mixed into the tablet simply only to enrichthe flavor of the tablets but not serve as important role in the bodysame as the vitamin contained in the tablet. All things considered,Vitamin C works in a few manner to help our body to keep our healthin the safe zone. Vitamin C keeps up at the ideal level ofcholesterol and in addition turn into a high-dosage vitamin Cimproved in prescription use in tumor treatment and obviouslyboosting, reinforcing our insusceptible framework for battling aremote infection that destructive to our body. Fruits and vegetablesboth contained high amount of liquid along with vitamin C, too muchliquid intake into our body will cause us urinate out the liquidalong with 90% of the vitamin C that we took, to prevent a vitamin Csupplement tablet is created to prevent wastage. There are only goodbenefits that vitamin C will provide us if we take it the rightamount without overdose.


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