Taco Bell Satire essay

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TacoBell Satire

TacoBell is a fast-food restaurant with a passion for offering good foodto its clientele (Taco Bell). Such a claim may lead one to concludethat he can make arrangements for an intimate dinner for four,without inviting the other three guests. After going through Taco`sWebsite, one realizes that the food there is magical. The companyuses words such as &quotbold food,&quot &quotfood that ignitespassion,&quot &quotfood you want to talk about,&quot verygenerously. In addition, the restaurant boasts of taking as little aslittle as possible from the environment. For instance, the businessclaims that since 2008, it has succeeded in reducing Sodium by 15percent across its menu, in addition to, removing artificial colorsand flavors (and using natural ones instead), and removing Trans-fat.In fact, the lettuce at Taco Bell looks exceedingly realistic.However, the reality is just because one`s child hates a particularfood type does not mean it is essential. Taco Bell has made its foodso &quotnatural&quot that its clientele can be said to eat thegarbage it produces. More importantly, the restaurant offers&quotcraveable,&quot innovative, and affordable delicacies. Thenagain, the question is not about why healthy food is so expensive,but about why junk food is so cheap. Considering thebefore-mentioned, Taco Bell`s Public Relations team should considerchanging the company`s mantra to &quotkeep healthy by eating whatyou prefer not to drink what you hate and, most importantly, dowhat you would rather not.&quot In a recap, Taco Bell goes out ofits way to offer its customers &quotgood food.&quot Nonetheless,the restaurant`s move toward offering its customers natural productschanges the entire concept of staying healthy by eating nourishingfoods.


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