Systems operations essay

Facing the challenges of meeting the tasks at a given time is one of the most important factors that make up the responsibilities of nurses and other healthcare staff working in hospitals, no matter what shift or duty of the day they particularly belong to. There are those who see healthcare systems operations to leave an impact on the process by which nurses and doctors are trying to complete their duties to the patients on time.

However, many do not actually recognize the fact that housekeeping department in hospital areas is also playing a great role in the process operations in healthcare facilities. Their role could be compared to that of their counterparts in hotel management establishments. Without the assistance of the housekeeping staff, the business dies.

In hospitals, although they are not the main actors of the establishment, they stand as support to the operation held by doctors and nurses as they are the ones making the operations follow a smoother pattern in terms of cleaned areas and more restful ambiance for the patients. Purpose of the Plan In this manner, the researcher of this project plan aims to increase the comprehension of the staff with regards the importance of their jobs in hospital operations as part of the housekeeping department.

By doing so, the author expects that the competency of the entire group of the said staff be given an attention by each individual involved in the process. Carrying the situation in a higher level suggests the fact that a concentration on staff or employee motivation must be given focus so as to help everyone get the idea of what is actually being aimed to be met in this particular procedure of performance-based progress on the part of the staff members.

Background information about the Project The planned proposal consists of at least five phases. The idea is that process shall be completed through a chain of command that shall be given to the different staff members so as to see to it that the responsibility of the entire department of housekeeping is being met religiously by its members according to schedule and according to the expectations given by the hospital management.

The five phases mentioned herein shall be performed in a chronological order. This means that the routinary process of making the planned project work shall be continuously applied within the time span that the project administrators have proposed. Project Approach The proposal shall be noted to be more staff-centered. This means that the motivation of the people making up the project shall be the center of attention in terms of development and progress matters.

Helping them realize the importance of their job to the healthcare establishments as well as helping them realize their importance as individuals to the responsibility that their department has on the said establishments shall indeed help them on recognizing the importance of the project that is further proposed in this paper. It is through this particular process that their cooperation on the matter could be gained thus giving the administrators of the plan to focus more on the operations of the plan later on after the people have already been empowered to work well on their own.