Systems Development Life Cycle essay

It is based on the case study of “New Century Health Clinic” which is responsible for diagnoses of various patients. It is required to develop a systems development and analysis stage for getting its requirements on paper so that they are able to handle information and store them or future retrieval and processing. The various departments of the clinic are as follows: • Accounting • Patient records • Insurance processing • Appointments • Supplies and administration

The various reflections about getting the right development paradigm would make sure that enough systems thinking is done for the prosperity of the clinic. Executive summary The IS for the clinic would bring the elements of the organization to the same page so that every department can interact with each other to share information anytime and be in synchronization with the developments taking place. All the loopholes and exceptional cases can be captured to optimize the use of resources.

Proper engineering principals have been discussed so that every requirement is enveloped into the IS and can be managed to optimize the present working of the organization. The implementation of IS would give a defined structure to the organization and stay in healthy communication with all the departments. The IS would be an organization itself and would manage all the resources effectively. The involvement of IS would enable them to compete with international threats in the market. Introduction The choice of getting the right software development paradigm is one of the challenging tasks in the entire process.

The system to be built would require a definite process so that good engineering principals would make the system cover all the business functions and platforms. After through analysis of the business case, the enterprise would require a custom built software, which would be able to communicate all the information thus making it an “On-Demand service”. In other words it would require bringing all the departments on the same page. It would facilitate the very organization and retrieval of information in the enterprise.

The process to be complied with would make sure that the requirements are fully captured and updated with time. The combination of spiral and Rapid Application Development (RAD) methodology would make sure that the process runs fast and effectively covers the business modalities. It would make the department’s envelope all the functionalities which would be available using the RAD technology (Pressman, 2003). Analysis and Evaluation of alternatives The methodology to be selected for clinic would be Object Oriented Development (OOD).

It would clearly depict the entire business scenario and the integration of the various departments into the information system so that no information is missed and every requirement and penetration is captured. The OOD concept depicts the entire design document into a real world entity and all the correct implications of the design would be enveloped in the same (Hoffer, 2002). It is the best suitable case for clinic as the complexity must be addressed with fine depiction of organization and its association with several other parts.

The Unified Modeling Language (UML) is primarily used to depict the nature of information flow and the relationship ratio between the two entities (Hoffer, 2002). Recommendations and implementation strategies The clinic has grown wide and far and is ready to make an impact in the international market by using the latest Information technologies at hand. It must envelope itself into Information systems so that information can be managed well and nurtured so that right decisions can be made at the right time for encompassing greater consumer strength and goodwill for its employees.

The ERP software named SAP would integrate the functions of the business into the microscopic level. All the business operations could be handled using the software itself which can encompass the organization in itself. Using the latest web technologies would make sure that it is ready to compete with international scenario. Having an IS makes it a branded company. It creates trust for all the financial operations made and the feedbacks from the clients are capitalized for future innovation.

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