Systems architecture essay

Systems architecture refers to the various forms or structure of the system. It underlines the framework and behavior of the system. The form is dependent on the various utility of the software and makes sure that all the various kinds of systems would compose different types of framework and behavior. In comparison, enterprise architecture is the various understanding of business skeleton and methodology for integration to perform the objectives of the business.

The various business frameworks, meaning its composition and sections are of larger interest in enterprise framework. The micro level differences are as follows: 1. Point of concern: Systems architecture refers to the detailed composition and behavior of the system for which it has been made. Enterprise architecture concerns the composition of the industrial entities that are responsible for smooth functioning of the organization and its objectives.

Objective: Systems architecture’s objective is to envelope the business functionality and successfully integrates all the functionality to get the job done. Enterprise architecture is the entire business and its composition which comprises of several business processes and departments which are responsible for fulfilling the objective of the business. 3. Scope: The scope of systems architecture is not bigger than the enterprise architecture as the former is an automation of some part of the business.

In other case, enterprise architecture would involve several systems architectures for their business processes (Cummins, 2002). Such several systems architectures seamlessly integrate with various other architectures for data transfer and filling up of objective. 4. Integration: Several systems architectures can be into a single enterprise architecture but the vice versa is not true. 5. Nature: Systems architecture is composed of several measurable attributes that are quantifiable in nature and is in the form of a technology that drives the functioning of the organization.

However, enterprise architecture is composed of business processes, one among that is technology. So in other words systems is a part of enterprise and the vice versa is not true. 6. Components: Zachman (2007) mentions that systems architecture composes of electronic components that make up the entire logic wrapper for handling the business functionality. Enterprise architecture composes of the business concepts and supply chains and many other intangible elements that make up the functioning of the enterprise on the whole.

Enterprise architecture makes possible to define the business and its various processes so that appropriate systems technology can be defined to automate and smoothen the functioning of the organization.


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