Sustainable Tourism essay

Sustainable tourism has also it drawbacks both to the local community and the neighbourhood at large. Such could include destruction of community’s culture and other related attachments (Wyane 1997). When foreigners visit a certain community, they tend to erode the community’s culture, affect the religion of the community, interfere with the language used by the community by introducing their own language and influencing people to learn it, they affect the community’s rituals and rights and lastly, they affect the general performance of the community in as far as modernisation is concerned.

The tourism industry also has a negative impact on the environment in some ways. Golf playing grounds, beaches, gaming and resorting grounds and other space consuming activities have taken away most of the land thus leading to aridity and lack of the green environment (Wyane 1997). Such activities are so harmful to the environment and end up leading to a lot of loss than gain to the local people who remain hopeless and helpless in the rest of their lives.

About employment, sustainable tourism has led to a situation where people are paid meager wages and salaries as a result of the foreigners taking advantage of the whole scenario. As a result of the desperate situation in terms of money, the young boys and girls are exploited by being employed in very sensitive areas but given very low wages. The community ends up entangled in the mix as they do not have any other option or body to articulate their grievances. Such level of desperateness often leads to people indulging in gambling games and other uncalled for misnomers.

Many of the young girls in the society are led to bad habits such as prostitution, drug taking and other services that are menial. Some tourists go on an experimenting spree hence find themselves in such vices (Simonz 1998). Prostitution has been so rampant in many tourist destined communities as the young women and men are lured into such deviant activities by money. With money being the issue, many people are tempted to look for easier ways of getting it thus they resort to prostitution and drug trafficking.

The other disadvantage that comes with tourism is the fact that the level of benefits is so low in terms of security of the job, safety during the job and also other health related safeties. When one is employed, he/she can be dismissed from the job at any time without any good reasons because of the fact that the way in which he/she was employed was so archaic and unprofessional. Such individuals end up suffering thus resort to other dubious ways of making money. Solutions to the Various problems brought about by For the visitor.

The visitor needs to give support to the culture of the community in order to expand its diversity (Nahashone 2003). They also need to take part in activities and aspects that are thought to add some value to the society or the community at large. The other solution is that the visitors should shun away from activities that are illegal and those that rake the environment (Nahashone 2003). Visitors should create employment without biasness and witch hunting. This should be done with the aim of improving the employees’ wages and salaries. For the Host.

The host should engage in the selection of activities that dwell on the community’s traditions including the social and cultural part of it (Benstein 2003). They should shun away from environmental deteriorating activities such as clearing of bushes for the golf courses and other outdoor activities. The other solution is that the visitors should shun away from activities that are illegal and those that rake the environment (Benstein 2003). The local communities should focus on business making and transactions that lead to foreign exchange should be clean with no scandals of whatever nature.

Conclusion. Many tourists are visiting tourist attraction areas all over the world. There are many tourists nowadays than it was before. This could be attributed to the fact that more and more ways of tourist attraction are being invented at a very fast rate. Sustainable tourism has many benefits to the local communities as it has been discussed ealier in this paper. Inasmuch as there are advantages associated with this industry, there are also disadvantages as well. Solutions have been provided to help in solving the problems that the local communities derive from the sustainable tourism.

The environment is being affected by tourism related activities, the ecosystem is in jeopardy, the local people in the community are suffering from such effects (Sostrand 2000). Something has to be done in order for the status quo to be maintained. Both the tourist and the community should be proud of the benefits that they derive from the industry and there should not be a situation where the disadvantages outweigh the advantages (Sostrand 2000). In the same respect, solutions should be implemented and enforced so that the industry remains sustainable.


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