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Thestore manager



RE:Complain about your services

Ihereby wish to express my concern to you over your services in thishardware company. This is due to the poor organization and lack ofaccountability that has made the company fail to realize its value.

Thecompany is continuously making losses because I feel that you havebeen unable to give the company management the required advice tomake the necessary investments that will enable the hardware to makeprofits and operate at a going concern concept. The employees in thehardware have failed to work to the expectation because there is noclear schedule of duties of what should be accomplished in aparticular day. Some of the employees know little concerning theactivities that are taking place in the hardware, and I strongly feelthat this is underutilization of the employees and the companyresources. The office should be kept out of bounds to the authorizedpeople, but here the case is different since I have witnessedstrangers entering and leaving your room.

Iput this blames to you because you are the only person who can enablethis company to make maximum profits to ensure that we do notexperience further financial constraints. As the store manager, youhave the authority to accept or reject some of the actions themanagement takes but you have failed to utilize this power bestowedon you (Annie, Travis &amp Gordon 291). You should ensure that allmanagers under your supervision submit all the daily reports to youroffice to enable you to make the desired decisions that will help thecompany thrive well. It is very discouraging for your office to misssome of the documents from the stores that are below you.

Kindly,make sure that you go through your roles and duties and rectify whereyou are underperforming to make this company grow in the future.


McKee,Annie., Kemp, Travis &amp Spence, Gordon. Management:A Focus on Leaders.Pearson Higher Education AU, 2012. PG 291.Print.