Superman and Me essay

Writing is a creative form of expression. As an expression, it generates and evokes emotions from both the participants of the process, the writer and the reader. But what separates a great writer form a typical writer. From one writer who proves so much more through his words and paragraphs, than another whom simply knows how to write. We all can consider ourselves to be writers; after all we know the simplest and basic rules in grammar compositions and writing style. But what does it take to be the writer of the strictest sense? There are many forms of writing.

Creative, research, development, technical, all encompass the language taught by the rules set in grammar. When we understand phrases, words and paragraphs, we can do anything with it knowing we adhere to how it is properly organized and presented. But writers have the talent and the skill to make regard them as “writers”. The superman and me is an essay that is derived from a writer’s experienced. Usually, we hear of stories of great writers who started with reading very basic materials that teaches them the language and the manner on how to write.

In this first step and journey towards discover the flare for reading, some now transcends this experience into their own individuality, by writing themselves. The person now takes another role, not just a reader but a writer. Writing must come from a knowledge of how and what to write. When one person is a very wide reader, this does not guarantee he or she may be a good writer too. But it somehow can be attributed as a probability of truth since one writes because of what he or she knows. Many people think that writing is very easy to do.

But most writers are very much in touch with themselves being a reader. They all came from the perspective as and being a reader. As a reader, a person becomes very knowledgeable and experienced. When one reads, he or she inculcates the things he reads from the covers. He notices the style which it was presented, he can distinguish the style, and he can understand them as well. Safe to say that when a person is a wide-reader, he knows what he is doing being a writer because he had seen it from the authors of the books he has read.

One greatest skill one writer can possess is his ability and desire to read as much as he can. As depicted in the essay, the characters in the article had lived through reading any materials they can get. This relays the fact that a person can be greatly influenced with the books he reads. That experience being a reader is very important for a writer. From the books he head read, he gathers the necessary requirements of being a writer, the skill and the talent. Of course this does not happen in overnight.

The value of reading is a continuous and evolving pursuit to learn. As a learning process, to read is valuable because one continuously learn from different writers and different articles read. This generally forms his habit and is a major effluent in his motivation to write. The essence of reading holds genuine contribution to what can be written about when the writer role is assumed. What the thesis is trying to point out is that many disregards the fact the reading is important.

Each child has his or her own experience and process in the stages of learning to read. Some get very lucky and are interested with reading in the early stages in their development. This enhance their cognizant skill to which they know how to read a sentence, understand what it says, and realize that words forms a thought. One of the most basic skill parents and educators want their child to learn is reading. As one grows older, the reading skills will transcend into greater forms and range.

Reading is one of the most powerful tools a man can possess because it does not mean the mere looking at words, but understanding them. As this skill is developed, the reading becomes the writing. A writer has great source of experience and knowledge from what he reads and this becomes his aid in creating more experience and knowledge through his own writing.

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