Sunkist soft drink in Australia essay

The Sunkist brand is among the most accepted and appreciated in the globe. It is a primary food and beverage licensor, certifying the Sunkist trademark to over forty food and beverage corporations throughout the world. One can find the Sunkist brand on over six hundred manufactured goods in more than forty-five nations on 5 continents. Gross annual sales revenues of Sunkist brand products surpass approximately $1. 2 billion internationally.

Their associates take pride in generating the highest quality manufactured goods to meet the customer’s anticipations of the Sunkist brand. Sunkist packaged manufactured goods in Australia take account of Orange Flavored Carbonated Drinks obtainable in Regular and Light . Like any corporation that promoted a perishable crop, Sunkist is unable to precisely forecast the supply of citrus in any specified year. This has insinuations for its pricing of citrus. Frost and other weather problems are a serious issue in any particular year and these influence the supply of citrus.

The California-Arizona marketing order, which had long assisted adjust the capacity and pricing of citrus between the unsullied and processed markets, had been expired in 1994 and this had brought about some price volatility in the citrus industry. Nevertheless, Sunkist’s marketing squad has been very successful in creating the status for having the uppermost quality fresh citrus in the industry in due course and having a profitable product development and certifying program that add supplementary value to citrus. Variations in supply influenced the capability of Sunkist to meet consumer requirements .

Sunkist use personal selling and advertising as main strategy for promotion. They promoted advertising in magazine and internet to achieve marketing goals. The slogans for Sunkist is “feel all orange inside”. Faced with increasing rivalry from lower cost offshore citrus and escalating customer demand for specialty diversities and year-round supplies from purchasers, Sunkist Growers has begun sourcing fruit from foreign manufacturers. It has increased a complete, universal marketing strategy, and now it will source manufactured goods where the market demands, where the prospect exists and, in the end, return the earnings to its grower-vendors.

Sunkist claims that they have been able to provide the best service to its customers at the lowest possible price . However, in order to increase the profit margin and sales, the company needs to adopt two new pricing strategies and also those two strategies need to achieve marketing goals and objective. One of the goals is to maintain strong value proposition through product innovation, low pricing, brand image, and affordable quality. The other one is to become market leader in carbonated drink of orange flavor through offering top quality products at affordable price.