Summative Evaluation essay

An evaluation is the process of determining the efficiency, merit, significance, or worth of a program or a person. Two of the more common types of evaluation are formative and summative. Formative evaluation is an evaluation type that is conducted while a process or program is being formulated. It is often conducted to assess the design and efficacy of a particular system. Its main goal is to improve. Meanwhile, summative evaluation is a test of a process or program’s effectiveness.

It assesses learnings of a group at a given time. An example of a summative evaluation can be found at http://www. mcps. org/admin/evalform/teasum-1. pdf This summative sample is prepared by the Montgomery Country for the teachers on annual contracts. The purpose of this test is to determine a teacher’s capabilities in terms of: • planning and assessment; • subject instruction; • communication; • community relations; • safety and learning environment; and • professionalism.

Each category is explained in the form and an evaluator has to grade the teacher based on four measures: meeting expectations, improving, needs improvement, and not meeting expectations. This summative evaluation is part of a teacher’s re-employment process in Montgomery County. The teacher and the evaluator will then discuss the result of the evaluation. After the talk, the evaluator will decide whether to recommend a teacher for re-employment or not.


“Montgomery County Professional Staff Teacher Summative Evaluation Form. ” Retrieved June 11, 2008, from http://www. mcps. org/admin/evalform/teasum-1. pdf