Summary of Robert Iger Walt as a leader of Disney Company essay

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of Robert Iger Walt as a leader of Disney Company

Thearticle “How Bob Iger remade the house that Walt built” waswritten by J. P. Donlon and published on August 7, 2014. Donlonexplains the success of Iger in implementing changes at DisneyCompany. Iger’s is depicted as an excellent leader who resolved aseries of problems (such as the shareholder revolt, attempt for ahostile takeover, and conflicts within the board) that he found atthe company when he took the office of the CEO in 2005.Transformations that he made in the company were a surprise to manygiven that his background as a graduate as a TV and Radioprofessional at Ithaca College, a weatherman in New York, and achairman of ABC did not match the roles that he was expected to playas the CEO of Disney.

Thearticle “The leadership qualities that truly separates Disney’sBob Iger from his peers” was authored by Bill George and publishedApril 4, 2016. George holds that Iger has acted differently from therest of the CEOs of Disney because he did not like maintaining thestatus quo. The article indicates that many organizations haveinnovators, but fails to grow due to the lack of innovation leaders.Iger is one of a few innovation leaders available in the modernbusiness environment. Iger broke the status quo by introducing MickeyMouse brands and allowed the company directors to start proposingcreative ideas that could facilitate its growth. This allowed him tocreate a pool of innovators who helped the company developedanimation movies among other products. Iger is compared to theleaders of the world leading technology companies (such as Google)due to his ability to apply innovation in driving Disney’s growth.


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