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The article presents crucial aspects regarding the overall concept ofVitamin B12 and the role that it plays in enhancing thenormal functions within the body. The article stands out in theapproach that it takes regarding the explanation of the vitamin andits relation to health. An interesting part is where the authorstates how the vitamin is metabolized in the human body andexplaining the effects that emanate due to its deficiency. Throughsuch an approach, it would be possible for the reader to relate howthe metabolism of the vitamin is associated with deficiency. Forexample, there is the part where the author states that the vitaminis a crucial factor when it comes to the synthesis of DNA. Explainingthe metabolism of the vitamin makes it possible for the reader tolearn the consequences that ensue from the lack of the vitamin. Also,the author has highlighted other essential aspects of the vitaminincluding biochemical basis, its absorption, bioavailability, and howit interacts with the body. On a personal opinion, the article can bedescribed as being educative especially as it highlights the benefitsof healthy eating habits.

However, to make the article more informative than it already is, theauthor could have included more pictorial diagrams. Particularly,there are aspects of the interaction of the vitamin in the humanbody. Having a diagram that illustrates such aspects would be helpfulsince it would facilitate the understanding of the subject. Picturesserve as an essential part of making it easy to understand aparticular concept. In addition to the tables included, the authorcould have used pictures to explain the point being relayed.