Summary By Chapters Of Stolen Lives essay

In the first chapter, the author, Malik Oufik describes her early life. She tells us how she was born the eldest daughter of General Oufkir, a close aid of the king of Morocco. Added to that, she narrates her experience as an adopted daughter to the king. She spent her first eighteen years in the royal family. In chapter two, she gives a more detailed explanation of her daily life inside the palace. She pointed out how she was being treated as a princess. She was pampered and fed by servants and aides, even though she desires to live like a normal person. In chapter three, her father participated in an attempt to overthrow the king.

Her father was arrested and executed. The entire family was shattered by the death of the breadwinner. The author experienced a total collapse of her world. In chapter four, the author and her entire family became political prisoners. They were thrown into jail. It was a horrible experience for the entire family. In chapter five, the entire family members were move to a prison in Tamattaght. Here, they were guarded by their former guards while they were still in the palace. Thus, they experienced a little friendship. Chapter six saw a little light of hope coming to the family as they were told that they will leave prison.

But in the real sense, they were being transferred from the prison in Tamattaght to another Bir-Jdid, where they spent ten years. In chapter seven, they actually escaped from the prison and entered the city. But they were re-arrested. They were kept under house arrest now no longer in prison. In chapter eight, readers are let in to the era of the Oukfir family’s house arrest. They were kept under twenty four hours watch. In chapter nine, which is the last chapter, the family regained their freedom. The author and her siblings dispersed, with each moving to a different country. Once more, joy and happiness became theirs.