Summary and Comparison of a Book essay


Tania’s Diwali Celebration is a book about the Diwalifestival, its preparation and celebration. Diwali refers to afestivity of lights celebrated with games, lights, firecrackers,sweets and decorations. It happens on the new moon’s night. On theweek to Diwali, a lot of preparations have to be made. These includefun activities such as decorating diyas, beautifying and cleaninghouses, making a Rangoli and preparing sweet food. A Rangoli is awelcome sign made on doorsteps using rice flour while diyas are oillamps made using clay. Diyas are used on the night before Diwali toward off ghosts as the night prior to the festival is usually thedarkest and it is supposed that spirits as well as ghosts move aroundearth when it is dark. Hence, the significance of lighting diyas andplacing them around the house to keep ghosts away. On the day ofDiwali, families celebrate by eating together, playing games andlighting crackers.

The book represents the Indian culture, which differs from thewestern culture. An important part of celebrating Diwali is thelighting of diyas, which are prepared and decorated specially for theday of the event. Such preparation is uncommon in western culturebecause Roman Catholics are not required to prepare any special toolswhen celebrating an event. Also, some Indians believe in theimportance of warding off ghosts. Contrary, in western culture peopledo not believe in ghosts. The festival is enjoyed in the presence ofthe extended family as informed by the book that on Diwali day, thegrandparents join in the celebration. This differs from westernculture where most events happen within the nuclear family.