Suffering and Mystery essay

Suffering is understood as an encounter with mystery because it is one of the greatest sources of sorrow for human beings which is unanswerable. There are pains that we often experience that cannot be explained by any medical experts. The mystery of suffering is considered as a divine mystery because it is a test of one’s faithfulness to the Creator. Often times we ask why do we need to experience suffering but then “Our human capacity to understand this mystery is limited”(Human Life of Washington). The question “Why? ” always runs in our mind whenever we experience grief and failures.

It is a common reaction to search for meanings and reasons why people suffer. Yet it remains a mystery and not a problem to be solved. The mystery behind suffering is like the deepest question behind death, God’s existence, body and soul. “Accidents, illnesses, diseases and age often bring suffering that we cannot explain” (Hoagland). God is always questioned every time people suffer. In an online article entitled “Why would bad things be experienced by good people? Why God allow bad things to happen? Why must I suffer? ” says that both evil and suffering are are Divine mysteries.

Even great Philosophers and theologians have pondered on these mysteries for thousands of years. but then until now, there never have been no complete answers this side of heaven about it. (Human Life of Washington). Suffering is a test of man’s faithfulness to God. The book of Job in the bible clearly explains everything about suffering and faith. Despite all the hardships Job had experienced, he never lose hope. Sufferings should be taken as a challenge and we should overcome it with goodness. “Suffering gives us the opportunity to move beyond ourselves to create beautiful qualities that transform our hearts.

Hidden in the poignancy of suffering is a choice” (Human Life of Washington). This only means that the mystery that we encounter every time we suffer should lead us to look inward and reflect on things that will increase our willingness to survive and cling on to our faith.

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