Successful Inclusive Classrooms essay

SuccessfulInclusive Classrooms

SuccessfulInclusive Classrooms

A)A brief summary of the study

Theessay ‘I just see all children as children: Teacher`s perceptionsabout Inclusion` by Leatherman is based on a narrative study ofteacher`s perception of learners. Eight early childhood teachers wereinterviewed using open-ended questions that would give an individualperception of inclusive studying. Inclusive classroom involvescreating equal opportunities for students with disabilities and thosewithout disabilities through individual attention. According toLeatherman, students with disabilities require special attention sothat they actively and competitively carry out activities carried outby students without disabilities though on the same level.

Asuccessful inclusive classroom requires not only individual attentionfrom a class instructor but also requires a comfortable environmentfor students. Support services are also essential and may befull-time or part-time to children with disabilities. Resources needbe adequate through administration support to ensure that needs aremet. Teachers also require appropriate training to help them handlecases of disabled learners. In addition, these teachers requirepositive attitude towards inclusive classroom for effectiveness. Thenarrative research was a form of insight that allowed teachers toexpress an individual view through guiding statements. Quantitativeanalysis was done to analyze stories given by interviewees. Memberchecks to ensure the validity of that interview were also given.

B)Respond to the following questions

1.What did you learn about successful inclusive classrooms from theresults (themes) of this study?

Successfulinclusive classrooms wholly require teachers and administrationeffort. Diversified learners can perform equally well when allfactors are equalized creating equal opportunities to all. Therefore,it is the duty of administration to offer required support toteachers and learners in an inclusive classroom. That way, there areenough teachers to offer required environment to all learners andthese students also get an opportunity of having enough materials.Trained personnel are of the great essence as their skills help inappropriately handling disabled children. They also have the skillsto create an appropriate individual environment that helps allstudents to be comfortable in their classroom. Disabled students alsorequire support services that make them competent and a good exampleis allowing the short-sighted learners to sit at the front and alsooffering ramp for children on a wheelchair to get to upper floorscomfortably. Teachers also require a very positive attitude thatenables them to have motivation in handling all studentsappropriately.

2.What ideas most influenced your thinking about successful inclusiveclassrooms from reading the discussion section of this article?

Ideasthat influenced my thinking on the successful inclusive classroom arethe factors facilitating this success. These factors are supportservices, appropriately trained personnel, administrator support,adequate resources, and the teachers` positive attitudes towardinclusion program. These major factors form around creating a goodenvironment in an inclusive classroom. In addition, the use ofnarrative research is very effective. It is a method that allowsearly childhood teachers to explain personal views on a system theyare directly involved. That way, through guiding statements, theyexpress challenges faced and what they believe would facilitatesuccess in the inclusive classroom. Though ideas are expressed at apersonal view, the research seems practical as it analyzes first-handinformation hence giving a practical projection of success of aninclusive classroom.

3.What is your understanding of a &quotsocial constructivist&quotview of teaching and learning which is used as the framework for thisstudy?

Socialconstructivist theory refers to teachers` ability to acquireknowledge about abilities of a learner and consequently using thatknowledge in creating an appropriate environment for that individuallearner in a different context. Social interactions and influenceswithin our environment affect knowledge acquisition. For a learner toadequately acquire knowledge, the environment surrounding thatindividual matters a lot. The teacher, therefore, takes time inunderstanding each child`s personal needs and addressing themappropriately. Students with hearing and seeing problem are kept atthe front of a classroom. Slow learners are given special attentionthrough consultation and extra exercise without compromisingattention of fast learners. Students on the wheelchair are providedwith ramps to ensure that they can comfortably access classrooms inupper floors. That way, individual attention ensures that learnersare provided with appropriate resources that make them competent.

C)In your opinion, what are the strengths and what are weaknesses ofthis research study?

Themajor strength of the research study was the method used. Since it isnot a practical study with practical results, narrative research wasessential. That way, through a direct interview, the interviewer canstudy the facial expression of respondent as well as body language todetermine the truth of what is verbally expressed. In addition, theylearn to create an appropriate environment that makes intervieweescomfortable in expressing a personal view without pressure. That way,they receive first-hand information and a view of people in the fieldand in direct contact with inclusive classroom program. Thatinformation makes data analyzed appropriately.

Oneof the weaknesses of the research study is that it was one sided. Theresearch focused on a narrative view that was analyzed. There were noresults measurements of factors stated and hence the informationremains theoretical as there is no practical prove that the factorsactually work. That way, theoretical information may not be entirelyreliable as referential facts as it is subject to challenge onpractical results. Therefore, the research study remains unsupportedand may become irrelevant over time. A supported research requirespractical experiments of theoretical facts to support the conclusionmade in the theoretical study. Such is what this particular studylacks.