Successful College Students essay

In today’s increasing complexities and diversities in the educational environment, students are facing increased challenges in their collegiate academic work. Due to this, there are an increased number of students failing and not meeting the expectations during assessments. In the end, each individual must maintain a balance between study and activities, enforce discipline and increase motivation and commitment to become successful in whatever degree each aspires. An important aspect in the realm of college life is the difference in the environment.

As a freshman, one a student has to adjust to the differences between curriculum and study that he/she had faced during high school years. The setting and nature of tasks are more rigorous and specialized in content compared to the previous years. In here, the undergraduate has every freedom to choose whatever actions he/she deems provided that it is under the rules and regulations of the campus. That is why, each one must familiarize and adapt to the culture as soon as possible so that they will not be left behind in the fast paced setting.

Immersing towards every subject is a good foundation towards every subject is a good training towards achieving a desired goal or objective. In the end, this endeavor can prove to be vital in a student’s survival in a particular degree or program. The life of a college student is really challenging and difficult in nature. Though the main aim of every undergraduate is to finish the degree, he/she is faced with other social issues within the parameters of the school environment.

One important value that each should consider is reaching out and getting involved into groups and organizations of interest. As early as possible, students should try to engage in various organizations and groups so as to use it to create friends and at the same time learn in the process. By doing this, students can branch out their stress in schoolwork and focus on building social networks and engaging into other things. One important reason that students fail in academic examinations is due to their negligence to discipline themselves.

That is why establishing schedules and mindset towards study is one important criterion in achieving student success. Studying should always comprise a significant aspect of time among every undergraduate. Fox Valley Technical College points out that a student must be “willing to spend 2-4 hours on homework for every hour that the class is in session” (p. 1). Also, there must be a dedication for students to attend discussions and lectures. Disregarding the attendance policy, whether it is implemented or not, can create a vital setback in a student in terms of discipline and focus.

By recognizing the significance of these things towards their education, students can prevent and erase the concept of failing in their mind. Lastly, students must have the proper mindset and commitment to increase their proficiency and skill to remain on top. Recognizing the potentials available after college, each undergraduate must be willing to sacrifice time and enjoyment for the sake of a better grades and a stable future. By doing this, individuals can extract better information and concepts they can better use in their work environment.

In addition, having the right attitude towards study can increase motivation among students. Instead of being a free rider or a crammer, students can be better prepared in embracing the hurdles and problems in college. One must not let the difficult circumstance of failing emanate in them and create drastic influence in their life both as a student and in the future as a professional. In the end, the attainment of these objectives still rests on the student. Each one must realize the relative importance of education in their lives and how it can be a determining factor towards a successful future.

In college, students can use it as an instrument towards holistic growth and an avenue for a better life. It is a situation that can be achieved with the proper discipline, mindset, and motivation for improvement and betterment.

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