Success in Online Learning essay

Successin Online Learning

Onlinelearning provides students with the flexibility and convenience totake their classes as they wish (MSin Human and Social Services, n.d).However, online learning is harder than it may seem. A studentrequires a strict strategy and planning on time management,communication and use of technology (10 Success Tips for WorkingAdults Enrolling in Online Degree Programs, n.d).Toensure time management, the student should utilize the flexibility ofthe program since the classes have no set times. First, the studentshould avoid procrastinating by setting up a routine study program,time, and reminders for taking the assessments. Effective timemanagement skills are learned, and there is the need for the scholarto be persistent even after disappointments (Supportfor Fundamental Skills, n.d).There is the need to review the syllabus for each course and create aprogram for undertaking the evaluation. The students should create adaily to-do list, and should check each item in the catalog aftercompletion of the tasks (10 Success Tips for Working Adults Enrollingin Online Degree Programs, n.d).Second,is to develop appropriate communication skills to seek help whenevera need arises. Students should use tools such as emails, discussiongroups, chat room office hours, calling the lecturers or even textmessages. The learner requires appropriate language and abilities towrite full and complete sentences, as well as, maintaining arespectful tone. Students should avoid the temptations, out of angeror frustrations, to say things they cannot say to a teacher inperson. Online teachers are professionals and require courteoustreatment (Sheehy, 2012). Third, students should learn todevelop their technical expertise during the program by using wordprocessing programs to create documents, and the internet to researchand download software. The skills develop after maximizing theorientation programs designed to teach students how to use the onlinelearning management systems and tools of school. It is alsoimperative to check the school`s hardware and software requirement atthe onset of the program to avoid technical disappointments (Sheehy,2012).Toparticipate effectively in the Walden MSN program, I will intensifymy participation in the students’ discussion board and interactcontinuously with my classmates. I will also pay attention to theprofessors’ comments and heed to the recommended corrections. Iconsider these methods as imperative and fulfilling in the learningprocess. Summarily,Walden University can contribute immensely to making the students’life stress-free. The faculty should concentrate on academicadvising, and establish an academic skills center. The universityshould also allow students unlimited access to the Walden Library andmy Walden Tutorial platform.References

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