Subway Interview essay

Jennifer is a high school graduate and does not have any prior management experience. She is currently employed as a sandwich maker and was proudly promoted to management. In view of higher salary, although she is a manager she said Subway does not pay very well and that it is better for aspirants to first get a degree before applying for a job. When asked about what tasks are entailed in her position, she replied that it includes and requires a lot of tasks to be completed. Aside from being in charge of keeping the inventory in order, she was also in charge of keeping track of the flow of money within the store.

In addition, she also mentioned that being manager still consists of some physical work as there is sometimes a need for substitutions in tasks in the restaurant. In fact, she mentioned that there were cases wherein she acted as a cashier and at the same time still accomplished her tasks as a manager. Occasional lifting and transfer of items form one place to another is also required of her. In line of such points, she then explained why she believes that she is underpaid. Her main reason was that there are too many tasks that rely upon the manager and at certain points her job can get extremely tiring.

When asked if she still takes pride upon her job and the company as a whole despite the points discussed, she firmly replied that indeed she believes that Subway is still one of the best firms around. She then discussed that a major component of such a business is a continuous focus towards cleanliness. In fact, she proudly mentioned that it is also her task to ensure that the working place is always in compliance to the industry standards. She mentioned that one of her most important tasks is to assure that the shop is always operating according to local and national health regulations pertaining to food establishments.

She also stated that she fully understands why there is a focus upon cleanliness, as it is the key in order to hold on to the integrity of Subway and maintain a good level of customer following. Aside from cleanliness, general safety was also mentioned to be one of her tasks, hence Jennifer pointed out that it is also up to her to make sure that the security of the restaurant is always in accordance to set policies and codes. Besides handling the cleanliness and security aspects of the branch, she also mentioned that she plays a direct role in its promotion in the locality.

In fact it is up to her to assess what possible marketing strategies may be best for the area. She added that she was also commonly in charge of initiating and planning the distribution of advertisement flyers and pamphlets in order to keep the flow of customers at an increasing rate. She also mentioned that for her job, it is always important to approach and talk to customers in a positive manner whatever the issue may be, as the company policy requires its employees to always be courteous towards clients.

She stresses that employees are made to believe that the customer is always right. Jennifer was also asked questions regarding the general staff of Subway. According to her, Subway franchisees normally follow all policies and rules of the corporation. This is evident from the fact that all employees have to wear subway t-shirts, hat, apron, and are given a break of 30 minutes in accordance with corporate policies and federal employee rights.

Expected qualifications in order for potential employees to be considered are signs of being responsible and reliable, have a working knowledge of basic math, being available at short notice, and should have access to reliable transportation. Jennifer takes active participation with her team, tours with them, trains them, and engages in hands on evaluation with them. Finally, Jennifer stated that there are ups and down in all kinds of jobs but the most important fact is that a person generally likes his or her job, which is exactly how she feels regarding her position or current job at Subway.