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The article displays some ofthe events that took place during the Vietnamese war it affectedmost of the poor people. A program got instituted by the Americangovernment to help those who languished in poverty, but the build-upin Vietnam led to the crumbling of this mission of hope. The sickindividuals at the time got engaged in the war by being used asmercenaries, and this resulted in deaths of thousands of those whowere underprivileged in the society.

Vietnam got its independencein 1945, but America viewed the leadership of Ho Chi Minh asincapable of ruling the country, so they feared that Ho Chi Minhcould not unite the broken nation, and instead they sent troops tomaintain peace in Vietnam soil. The Geneva Convention acted as thelimelight for peace in Vietnam, but it did not succeed. On the otherhand, the United States military provided hope to the needyindividuals in Vietnam, but they were corrupt and inept.

Most of the institutions inVietnam got destroyed including the family, village and the UnitedBuddhist Church among others this led to the deterioration of theVietnamese culture. The author thinks against all odds, when Americanviews Vietnam as broken, he refuses to accept that and believes that,Vietnam still holds its primary values and that it only requires aradical revolution for it to get back on its feet as a country.

During the revolutionarytimes, men started revolting against old systems of oppression andexploitation while the poor rose up and those who were in darknessreceived the light. The western countries begun to support therevolutions, but after a while, these super power nations develop aspirit of arch-anti revolutionaries.